About Us: Our Strawberry Swing

I am Jess. I am awful at these things. See? I grew up in Maine, went away to college and got a job after graduation that kept me from returning home. While I was starting my first career, I decided to return to school and get my Masters in Special Education. While in grad school, I started waitressing again...enter Chad.

Chad was born and raised in Illinois and Virginia. He went to the Culinary Institute of America and proceeded to help design, open and operate restaurants up and down the east coast. He won awards and cooked for celebrities and politicians. He got offered a position at a 5-star restaurant in his hometown where I was living after graduation. Enter me.

Chad and I met in 2008. He was separated with two daughters.

I got married in 2009 (not to Chad). And divorced in 2010.

Chad and I started dating in 2010. We moved to Maryland together in April 2011 and to Maine in November 2011...when I was just 4 weeks pregnant! We decided that the restaurant life was no longer for us and that family was #1 on our list. It was pretty good timing, if I do say so myself!

Cameron was born on July 1, 2012, after an extremely scary labor and delivery, but everyone has been healthy and happy ever since.

Follow us along as we document our life with too many pictures of Cameron, baby tips and questions, cooking, drinking and enjoying the great state of Maine.


Why Strawberry Swing? Coldplay is almost always playing in our house/car, and this song has always had a special meaning to us. Chad always used to play this part for me:

Now the sky could be blue
I don't mind
Without you it's a waste of time

And now, more than ever, every moment is so precious...so, this is our own little Strawberry Swing!


  1. Found your cute blog through Carolina Charm! Will be following :)

    Tailgate Queen - game day dresses

  2. Ooo, Maine! I love the East Coast. I'm crossing my fingers we'll live there at some point. :)

  3. Found your blog through a comment on my blog! Thank you for reading :) Your little man is just TOO cute! Love these photos of him. Can't wait to follow along!


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