Monday, March 31, 2014


This past weekend was our first glimpse of spring (even though, as I write this, it's hailing/sleeting/raining/snowing outside). We were supposed to get rain all weekend, so we welcomed the beautiful day we got on Saturday and were thankful that the rain we got yesterday was not snow!

Friday night, we did our usually dinner-date with my Dad. However, Cam decided to chug his milk and get sick. Again. This kid...I'm telling you! Sometimes, all he wants is milk and between the five adults sitting at the table, we didn't realize that the others had already given him milk, which caused an avalanche of milk, grapes and hot dogs....a beautiful combination coming back up, I tell ya!

So, we left dinner with about five Longhorn napkins and scooted on home. Thank goodness for wonderful fathers who pick up the tab (and the dirty looks from the other tables).

Saturday morning, when the sunlight entered our windows, we were out the door as quickly as possible! A sunny Saturday morning always calls for coffee and a car wash, right? This was the first time Cam really enjoyed the car wash...he's always been too young/not aware to take it all in. He loved it!

Saturday afternoon, we hit the GAP outlet and scored MORE clothes for Cam's spring/summer wardrobe! Seriously, I wish I could renew my wardrobe every season! He will be one stylin little boy...even Chad had fun shopping for him! (PS I stopped by JCrew to stock on my go-to shorts, and they're material is so cheap this year. Has anyone else noticed that? I left empty-handed and heavy-hearted.)

Sunday, it rained all day, which gave us the perfect excuse to watch Toy Story 3 (for the 3829759348th time) and go to Tumble Tikes to get out some energy!

I am always THAT mom that has her phone out to take pictures...I decided to BE there this time, hence the lack of photos.

Post-nap, Cam was my shopping buddy as we hit Trader Joe's, Whole Foods then our regular grocery store...TJs always hits the spot for snacks, beer and flowers. Whole Foods sucks. Sorry. I know their produce, cheese and meats are SO much better than everywhere else, but they're so expensive!! $3 for a head of lettuce? $6 for a gallon of milk? Come on...

Chillin at Whole Foods...he was the best shopping buddy ever!

We also indulged in our favorite beer and some delicious steaks. 


I hope you all had a great weekend!! I am so glad that we are finally joining most of you with the beautiful weekend days! I am tired of being jealous of tank tops and picnics. ;)

PS I am joining Elizabeth today to talk about being a BOY favorite job in the entire world!!


  1. i get SO jealous of these babes who get totally new wardrobes constantly. SERIOUSLY NOT FAIR. and yay spring!!!!

  2. Aw, poor little man!!! Glad you guys got some time outside!!!!

  3. Oh my gosh. I seriously love EVERYTHING about this post! Can I just come spend the day with you? And I totally agree too! I love the idea of Whole Foods but it is SO expensive! Sounds like a great weekend!

    And THANK YOU for guest posting today! I loved learning more about your little man :)

  4. I love this post. Cam looks like the happiest kid ever. I love the sleeping in the car seat pacifier photos. Too cute. And now I want a beer.


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