Wednesday, March 19, 2014

It's the Little stopping by to say hi!

I have been 100% absent from this little blog. 
This is the first time that I have really felt like I have too much to do: two jobs, Cameron, Chad, doctors, conferences, the house and working out 4-5 times a week.

I know there are other moms with WAY more to do than me, but it's been a lot for me to handle.

My day usually consists of work then my second job until I meet Chad at the gym when he gets done working then to my dad's to get Cam. 

By the time we get home, it's 6:45 and too late for a bath. We try to get in as many cuddles as possible with Cam before putting him down 30 minutes later, but it's just not enough. 

Once he's in bed, we have to shower, eat, do whatever chores need to be done then sit down together. 

There's not enough time. 

We have been really good about working out consistently, but it's getting in the way. It's a commitment that we don't have time for, but we're making it happen. 

The second job takes time, but we need the money. 

Sure, we could do all of our chores on the weekends, but we have been enjoying those two days together so much that we don't want to carve out a few hours to do laundry, clean the bathroom and prep lunches for the week. 

So, here's me saying, "HI!" to you all...I've been reading and keeping up to date as much as possible, but I just haven't had time to STOP and write. I am working on my Friday post with some fun updates, but there's not time for much more than that. 

Happy Wednesday, Friends!


  1. You go to the gym at the expense of spending more than half an hour with your kid? Eek

  2. So. I seriously think doing things that you guys enjoy is the BEST (aka working out)... I swear the "Me" time I get at the gym make me a better, more patient, and happier mom! And weekends are meant for snuggles, sleep, and family time!


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