Wednesday, March 26, 2014

GAP does it again...Toddler Boy Finds

I am slightly obsessed with GAP's spring/summer line for Toddler Boys...seriously, check out these pieces. There's such a good mix of classics (polos and khakis) with a good flair of the 70's/California and preppy thrown in here and there. I've already placed numerous orders for Cam and some of the pieces have since sold out including bright orange pants and super-70's t-shirt...I'm glad I got them when I did!!

GAP spring 2014

I mean, come can you resist that v-neck, those shades and the all-American plaid shorts? You can throw any color shirt with those and have an outfit! (They were a staple in Cam's wardrobe last summer, so they were #1 on my list this year.)

Chad has those red shorts, so now Cam can match him. And there's no way our little Irish man is getting burnt with this awesome long-sleeve rash guard!

The colorblock shorts were a no-brainer, and the wave t-shirt, polo and button-ups are essentials for the summer.

Linen pants are a-dorable on anyone and those blue/gray pants are perfect for the spring and summer! (These are the ones we got in orange, too!) How can you go wrong?

GAP always has good/stylish stuff for little ones, but I really think they hit the nail on the head this season! PLUS, they always have a discount online, so you never have to pay full price.

Now, if only the snow would melt and the sun would come out, we could try out some of these shorts and t-shirts!! I can't wait!!


  1. He is going to be stylin!!!! If we have a boy one day, I would totally go for those!!!!! Can't wait the pictures, he will obviously make the outfits even cuter! XO

  2. I seriously love gap for boys! They've totally stepped up their game the past few seasons-- who said boy clothes weren't as fun as girls?!!

  3. I looooove the Spring / Summer line! I've placed a few orders for Owen too recently, but of course now it's raining. I love the surfer / retro/ California style they've got going on. The Madras shorts were all sold out :(

  4. So adorable! I'm really loving Gap for my whole family this year. I feel like they are finally back to a style I like!!

  5. I shopped on the Old Navy and Gap websites just last week and I feel like I didn't see any of this stuff! Guess it's time to shop again...!

  6. I totally agree Gap has the most adorable boy clothes!! And what little kiddo doesn't look stinkin adorable in the Gap hoodie?!

  7. Oh man, such a good line for spring! I've gotta check out shat they have for girls then! ♡


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