Monday, March 10, 2014

Crock Pot Pulled Pork

Our weekend was pretty uneventful since it started with Cam leaving day care with a fever of 102*.

We relaxed on Friday night then snuck out for a dinner date after Cam fell asleep on Friday. Thank goodness for LouLou! We went to Bueno Loco and dined on some (not-on-our-diet) delicious Mexican and yummy cocktails and wine.

Saturday, we did a whole lotta nothing then finally ventured out to the gym then to dinner with my Dad.  Cam was still not 100%, so it wasn't a late night, but I think we were all glad to get out.

Sunday, we got Cam's hair cut, went to the gym (We are doing well!), grabbed some lunch then headed back home for a nap. Maybe it was the time change. Maybe it was his cold. Whatever the reason, Cam wouldn't nap. So, I put him back in the car and headed to the mall in hopes that he would sleep in the stroller. He did...for about 15 minutes. Needless to say, he was in bed at 7:00 (which would have been 6:00 on Saturday) and slept until 6:15. We all needed the sleep! Now I am feeling not-so-hot, so let's hope this bug stays away from me.

What are you doing to me, lady??

I did want to share this recipe below because it is SO EASY. So easy. If you love pulled pork, you will love this. We added some crushed red pepper and vinegar at the end to give it a little southern flair, but you can do whatever you want! We used a pork tenderloin to cut down on the fat, and it was still so tender and delicious.

I originally got this recipe from Colleen...she shares the best recipes!
Minus the bun, Add a salad and cole slaw
(this is a bit of a cheat because of the soda, but that's ok with us!)

Do you have any healthy, easy recipes to share? Please!

Have a great week!!!


  1. Sorry that Cam had an ill weekend :( That photo of him is so adorable though! What a little cutie! My son wouldn't sit in a barbers chair for a haircut no matter WHAT. His first haircut was a screaming disaster... ugh... To this day I have to give him haircuts in the night, when he's sleeping. It sounds crazy and weird, but he won't let me come near his head with scissors, no matter what I promise him, lol!

    Yum... that pulled pork... It looks so good! Lovely blog :)


  2. i totally caught the bug this weekend. zero fun. and i totally tried that crock pot recipe last week too after seeing it on colleens blog!! it was deeeelicious!

  3. Pulled pork is seriously one of my favorite (easy) dinners. Yum!

  4. Oh yum. I love pulled pork. That looks delish!


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