Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Picture Overload: Day Care

I wasn't going to link up with Ashley and Jess today because I really wanted to share these pictures, but as I continued to look at these, it reminds me that it is the little being able to get a snapshot of your child's day, even when you're not there. (And felling totally, 100% sure of your decision to put your child into someone else's care!)

As I've mentioned before, Cam started a new day care in January, and he loves it!! They just uploaded some pictures from the last few weeks, so I wanted to share them so I have them forever. :)

Sometimes, I forget his jacket or hat...#momfail

He yells at plays well with others....

He loves to read. (And, they have a 4' llama in the school, so when it's too cold to go outside, they hide the llama somewhere and try to find it. Last time, it was on the elevator!)

The sensory table is one of his favorites! They change it twice a week, so he's never bored.

Cam and his girlfriend, Avery:

And, I had to include this picture  because it's the only at "circle" time where he's participating...usually, he's off playing with something else because he doesn't want to sit still! That's my boy!

After seeing all of these pictures, I know why he's stinking tired every night!!


  1. That is so cool of his school to do that! Sounds like you found him an awesome school!

  2. Well that looks like the coolest day care many fun activities!!! Cam is SO cute! :)


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