Monday, February 24, 2014

Our Weekend Full of Plans...

turned into a very quiet (with lots of toddler screaming) weekend of little activity.

Is anyone else's toddler turning into the devil a much harder child these days? Maybe it's cabin fever, maybe it's teeth (although I know it's not), maybe it was vacation, but Cam has been H.A.R.D. these past few days.

Up here in the north, we get a February vacation and an April vacation instead of one "Spring Break" week. The February vacation was created to save schools money on heat since it gets so darn cold in the winters. However, with so many extracurricular activities, I don't think they ever turn the heat down the entire week, but I digress...

Cam and I were home together last week with very little opportunity to leave the house because of weather. We made trips to Target (duh), the Children's Museum and the mall, but we really couldn't do anything outside because the snow is now ice and the temps were in the teens. I am hoping that this break in his routine is the reason for his behavior, because I am O.V.E.R. it. I still love him to pieces and my heart breaks when he cries, but I haven't figured out the balance between ignoring bad behavior and responding to requests. I am a firm believer that babies, toddlers and children cry for a reason - even if that reason is to get your attention! Especially at this age, I believe that Cam cries for our attention because he wants someone to play with, someone to help him do something or someone to change something (the temperature, the channel or his diaper)! I hate ignoring him, but I did have to walk away a few times. Please tell me you've had to do this, too.

So, anyways...back to our weekend.

Friday afternoon, Cam was in rare form and threw a FIT because he wanted to sit on the bathroom counter with his feet in the sink and let the water run over his feet and legs WITH his socks and pants on. Really? That's why you were crying? So, as soon as my mom walked in the door to babysit, I gladly handed him over and left. Chad and I met up with my Dad, uncle and aunt to watch my high school play in the girl's basketball tournament. We won by a lot, but a girl on the other team ended up going to the hospital and is still there. It's so scary because she's seizing and nobody knows why! I was a hot mess in tears while they were waiting for the ambulance...she's so young, and it was a freak accident. Please pray for her.

My one and only selfie...

Saturday, we did a little grocery shopping, checked out a gym and headed back home for Cam's nap. Except he didn't want to nap. We had a birthday party to go to at 2:00, and he didn't fall asleep until 1:45. FAIL.  Plan #1 canceled.

Saturday night, we cooked dinner and relaxed...we were sort of exhausted from battling with Cam all day. Oh, and we watched McAuley win the Western Maine Championship on tv (wild Saturday night)!!

Isn't this picture the cutest??? I played with Mr Freeman's daughter (and his wife works at the high school). Sr. Edward Mary was my principal, but is now retired. There are always about a dozen nuns at each game...I love it!

Sunday morning, we headed to Kennebunkport to have brunch with our friends Alex and Robyn who have two precious boys: Oscar and Waylon. Waylon is itty bitty still, and I just wanted to eat him up.

yummy, delicious Mexican breakfast - I can't believe I didn't have 48573 servings...

Oscar Mac

Brunch for the boys

Why have we not gotten Cam one of these yet?

Cam chillin in the baby bouncer

On the way home, Cam fell asleep for about ten minutes then woke up screaming...I'm not sure if he was uncomfortable or was having a hard time going to the bathroom (Sorry, TMI), but he wouldn't go back to sleep. ALL DAY. 

No Nap Sunday. Plan #2 canceled.

We watched Toy Story 3 for the 8457943 time then went grocery shopping again. He slept from 630 - 615...I'll take it. Chad and I watched a movie about Steve Jobs that was decent...he was quite the j-e-r-k! Then I drank some Sleepytime Tea and slept for nine hours. 

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!! Happy Monday!


  1. Hang in there, mama!!! I totally feel ya, some days I am CONVINCED Waverly is hitting the terrible twos early. We have certainly seen some tantrums & I honestly have learned that the best thing most of the time is to let her deal with it for a minute or so & then step in with a hug. It works sometimes & others, I just have to take a deep breath!!!!! :) Good thing these kiddos are cute!!!!!!!

  2. I think it's totally the cabin fever!! Winter is SO HARD with active littles that just need to get out!
    That mexican breakfast... I need the recipe! Yum!!

  3. I've totally had very similar feelings/experiences with my two precious children ;) And that Mexican breakfast looks so amazing!

  4. Wait, wait, slept for 9 hours?!? I'm completely jealous!
    I think cabin fever is really playing a part in the toddler behavior. Lily can be quite the sassy little thing these days!

  5. Loved your selfie!! And love how McAuley still dominates in basketball! Makes me feel like we were just in high school!! I taught the girl who was injured when she was in 5th grade so not only did my heart break for her, but I also felt super old!!

    Ps you aren't the only one that sometimes has to walk away from a whiny toddler!

  6. I can't tell you how many times within the past several weeks I have actually mentioned that this is my least favorite stage with Charli (I obviously still love this stage with all that she learns and does), but the tantrums... Good Lord help me! haha! I honestly think it is just their age... They are SO independent right now, and their little minds are turning and molding and they want to do SO much all by themselves and they just don't realize it. I will say I do what Ashley said... I usually walk away and ignore it to take a few deep breaths and Charli will normally stop on her own, or if it doesn't work I try to distract her with other toys or coloring or something to get her mind off of what she was screaming about. Ohhhhhh I hope this phase ends soon! ;) Other than that, looks like a great weekend! haha! :)


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