Thursday, February 20, 2014

Our Valentine Weekend

I am so awful at doing Weekend Recaps, but I do love to look back on old posts and remember our weekends together. 

Friday was Valentine's Day, of course, but Chad had to leave really early for a meeting on Friday morning, so we started our celebration on Thursday night with cupcakes and milk. With ice. It's should try it. 

We also picked out Cam's attire for the holiday:

and finished his valentines for his classmates:

Thanks, Pinterest!

School started late on Friday morning because of snow, but when we finally arrived, I had beautiful flowers waiting for me from my #1 Valentine. 

I always say that flowers are overrated, but who doesn't love the get them at WORK?

Then, as the school day went on, I started to hear little toddler voices in the halls! Cam's class had made valentines for their parents and were delivering them to us!! I almost died...I captured it on video but can't upload it for some reason.

Friday night, we had an impromptu date night thanks to my mom! Of course, we hadn't made reservations anywhere so we had a bit of a time trying to find a seat somewhere. Luckily, we called a restaurant we had never been to before, and they had a seat in the bar. We always sit in the bar when we go out, so this was perfect! We were expecting to pay a lot for crappy food (sorry, just being honest), but were SO pleasantly surprised by The Old Port Sea Grill that we still haven't stopped talking about it!!! We had their fried calamari, seared tuna and scallops with Brussel sprouts...everything was delicious. AND, the manager gave us a free dessert and a couple at the bar bought us a shot because we gave them one of our was an awesome night!! (We were still home and on the couch by animals, I tell ya!)

The rest of the weekend was spent going to breakfast, grocery shopping, cooking and playing at Peekaboo Children's Center - one of our favorite new spots.

I hope you all have a great weekend (since it starts tomorrow...I am awful at these things)!!!


  1. Milk with ice?!! Love this idea!!! And of course, he is adorable & so are his invites!!! Happy Thursday, lady!

  2. Cutest valentines day ever! Cupcakes, flowers, AND a special delivery? I LOVE IT!

  3. Dr. Love? You've got to be kidding me, that is adorable!


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