Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Cameron's School Valentine's Day Party

I posted some pictures last week of Cameron's new school, and you were all so sweet about it! We love his school - we visited a different one, and it doesn't even compare!!

Anyways, they had a Valentine's Day party, and these pictures pretty much sum it up.

Cam IN his  Valentine envelope

Receiving a Valentine...

Eating a Valentine....

Delivering Valentines....

WOW! What is this??

These toddlers are so darn cute and they all loved the party! Our bubbles were a huge hit. (And the goldfish were a hit with Cam, as you can see from him reaching into his bag during the picture!)

I LOVED seeing how excited they all were!! Cam got some really cute Valentines: crazy straw, goldfish, a bug and a few more...then they came and delivered Valentine's to their parents, and I almost died of cuteness overload. Can you picture eleven toddlers walking through a high school together holding onto a rope? Cutest site ever!!

Thanks for reading my crazy child-obsessed post; I just love this age!!


  1. I love cam IN his envelope! You found such a winner of a daycare. I swear- all the toddlers are SO CUTE!


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