Thursday, February 6, 2014

Cameron: 19 Months

Weight: 25+ lbs
Height: 33"
Teeth: 16 

Diapers: 5
Tops: 18 - 24 months
Pants: 12 - 18 months GAP, 18 - 25 months ON
Shoes: 6

Naps: We are down to one nap - 12:30 - 2:00 ish....
Sleep: You've been going down easily around 7:15 then sleeping until 7 (sometimes you sleep straight through in your crib; other times, you wake up anywhere between 4:00 - 6:00 and we go on the couch to sleep some more)

You love to say "What's that?" and about 3899829574 other phrases including "Be right back" and "Have a good day." In reality, they sound like "bic bac" and "gooday," but we totally understand you. :)

You're starting to put together phrases that sound something like "thank you....lou dog" or "more....cracker....please"

Taking you shopping or out to dinner is becoming more and more tricky. You hate to sit in a shopping cart; you want to "walk" with Mommy, which means taking every single thing off the shelf and putting it on the floor.

My Target, you have a caddy, goldfish, a light up wand and gum. None of which we bought, but instead made the cashier very angry by giving it all to her. Oops.

You love to wear our shoes around the house....

(and help clean)

And even though you have been walking just fine for six months, you still love to push your walkers around...with Daddy's hat on.

You started a new day care at Mommy's school, and you love it. And we love it! We pack your lunch, you sleep on a mat and you eat in a regular chair. I am loving this little "person" you're becoming! "School" is teaching you so much about a routine, how to sit and listen, to wash your hands before eating, to take off (and put away) your coat, hat, mittens, boots, etc...You know exactly what to do when we get there, and as much as I love it and am seem just fine on your own, which makes me kind of sad sometimes. I feel like I could drop you off on the sidewalk, and you could walk in the door and be just. I would never, ever do that, btw!! 

Bath times are interesting like to drink from the faucet like a dog and play with your manly parts. (You still like to play with toys and even have a waterproof book that plays music. Score!

You love to do stuff. Tumble Tikes, music class, Children's Museum...if we go, you love it.

You did this about 100 times one day...

and had this look on your face every time. 

You then progressed to the big (really fast) slide...

and pretended to be an Olympic gymnast.

You love to be SO ROUGH with two are constantly wrestling and you're either being thrown or throwing yourself on the couch/bed.

I have always "petted" your head to tell you to be sweet, so when we are somewhere with other kids and I tell you to be sweet, you pet their head. It's sort of cute. ;)

You listen (most of the time), and you love to do the right thing...if we go upstairs, you close your book and turn off the tv. REALLY? I hope this lasts forever.

Toys: cars, cars, cars, cars, trucks, trains and animals

Someone once told me that 12 - 24 months were the best, and I believe it. I am 100% obsessed with you, bud, and I thank you for making our lives so much better. There was certainly a void before you, but now we are filled with extreme love, gratitude and admiration. It's amazing that someone who still sh*ts in their diaper can change someones life so much. I don't know what we would do with out you, love.

Thank you.


  1. i swear this age IS the best!!! i love all the language and talking. . . even if we're the only ones who understand it. ITS THE BEST! happy 19 months sweet boy!!

  2. Stopping by from Emily's blog & am your newest follower! I have a little guy, Cash, who will me two at the end of March. This age is by far the absolute best, but then, I've said that at every stage, too. ha! :)

  3. Love that he's starting to talk in phrases...Ethan's not there yet! He's such a cutie! :)

  4. There you are!!!!!!! I was wondering where you have been because I haven't seen a blog post in some time... Did you change your blog, I am assuming?! So glad to have you back! haha! He is getting so big!!


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