Thursday, February 27, 2014


February 11
Mr Independent wanted to carry the basket all by himself...until he picked it up and realized he needed some help! (And, obviously, Momma needed some wine as so many of you pointed out!! Haha!)

February 12
ALL DONE, MOM! I think he was ready to watch Toy Story 3 for the 2389475th time...

February 13
Selfies are our new faves....and mustaches. And pacifiers. What a perfect trifecta!

February 14
Dr. Love. One of my favorite pictures of all time!

February 15
Cam has officially learned how to ride ON the cart instead of in it...until his little fingers hurt and he steps off with no notice!

February 16
Why wouldn't you stop in the middle of Abercrombie to dance? Their music is just soooo inviting....
(Disclaimer: We were not IN the store; Cam walked in because of the music. I would never voluntarily go in there...shutter)

February 17
No, this isn't that cool new app, it's just a very zoomed in picture of the #1 Woody fan in the world...this kid LOVES him some Toy Story!

February 18
And, he loves throwing temper tantrums because sandals don't fit with socks. #whymysoniscrying

February 19
J-E-L-L-O did not disappoint!

February 20
The Children's Museum is a must on our list every few weeks...sometimes he loves the fire truck, sometimes he loves the cars. This week, he loved the farm and did not want to let anyone else drive the tractor!

February 21
A chocolate croissant AND apple juice..this kid was in heaven! (And I was so jealous that I couldn't steal a bite because of our new diet...damn you, chocolate!)

If you're still following me on Instagram, I am surprised. I know that a picture every day is a bit of an overload, but I secretly love looking back on these and remember the little details. I know I will love having these down the road!!

Are you participating in a picture-a-day?? If so, let me know so I can follow along, too!!


  1. I love him riding the cart! I didn't even think of that!!!

  2. Cam is so handsome and such a ham...loving the daily pics!


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