Tuesday, February 11, 2014


I totally wouldn't blame you if you blocked me from Instagram and Blogger for posting so many darn pictures of Cameron. BUT, I love them and will cherish these in a few years! (And who knows how long pictures will last on Instagram, so I have to have a back up, right?!)

February 2
Sunday mornings are the best...especially when you get to be bundled up, strapped in and pulled around by your Daddy!

February 3
Someone commented that "Before kids, I always said I would never be that mom that let their child ride the carousel at the mall." But now that we have kids, we do what makes them happy, right?! :)

February 4
Drinking bath water like a boss...

February 5
These carrots are sooooo good, Mom!! Said no child ever...

February 6
Snow days call for lots of laundry and Nick, Jr.

February 7
Bringing your child to the doctors calls for extreme entertainment measures...thankfully, there was an empty wheelchair hanging around!!

February 8
I mean...seriously...that smile. Cam LOVED his first tubing experience!!

February 9
"I see...I see" This child is obsessed with seeing himself in pictures on my phone. And Woody.

February 10
Early mornings at FHS...He fits right in!

Are you doing a picture a day? Please leave your Instagram name so I can follow along!


  1. I love this little challenge you set for yourself! he is going to LOVE it one day! And if he doesn't...his future wife is sure to! ;)

  2. haha, hey, that carrots picture looks awfully familiar =)


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