Monday, February 3, 2014


January 22
This kid loves Nick, Jr, and I'n okay with it. It's the only thing that keeps his attention, allows us to cook dinner and let's me play Candy Crush. 

January 23
Our local library has a special toddler sing-a-long every Thursday, and I keep meaning to go, but never do. We finally went, and Cam had a blast! There is a great play area with legos, animals, puzzles, etc, and with the sing-a-long came a lot of toddlers to play with! We will be back. :)

January 24
Another thing I keep "meaning" to do is go to our local high school basketball games. However, varsity plays at 7:00, and Cam goes to bed at 7:00. We decided to support the JV girls instead, and Cam had a blast watching the ball go back and forth. Until halftime. Then he was bored. 

January 25
This boy used to hate haircuts. This time, he let the lady use the electric razor. I was so proud of him!!

I know I am totally biased, but how stinking cute is he???

January 26
Chad has been "training" Cam to massage him, pull his ears, play with his head, whatever he will do. So, here is he, half-naked, massaging Daddy. :)

The above reminds me of the below. No comment.

January 27
LouLou's 50th birthday...this boy LOVES his grandmother, and she couldn't live without him. 


January 28
Ahhh, my sweet baby...I wrote about these early morning moments here, and I hate to say that he's been sleeping later in the morning, so they are becoming less frequent. :(

January 29
Cam started a new day care at the beginning of January, and he has been loving it, but the drop offs are still a bit hard. This morning, he put his stuff in his cubby, sat at the table to play and waved buh bye to me. Talk about heart breaking...I kind of liked when he didn't want me to leave!!

January 30
Thursday night pizza and learning to draw with's the little things, right?

same shirt, different day

January 31
We made a stop at Toys R Us with my dad, and he decided to spoil them both by purchasing some Hot Wheels cars and tracks...I don't know who had more fun: Cam or my dad! Here they are watching a car make its way down the track!

February 1
Another purchase at Toys R Us were the bath time boys, per Daddy's request. Needless to say, they were a big hit, and bath time took an hour this night. Cam learned new tricks and Daddy got to play with boats. It was a win-win.

I am so glad that I have kept up with's fun to go back and document each day, too!!!

I hope you all have a great week!!!


  1. He IS pretty stinking cute =) I love all the 365 projects going on, it is a shame I don't have that kind of follow through ha!

  2. you may be biased--but I'm not, and I still say he is ADORABLE! love the #365 thing!

  3. Love this update...and you are SO good that you're keeping up with this!!

    Ok and the george costanza reference is just too awesome! =)


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