Friday, February 28, 2014

5 on Friday: Life Updates

We booked a house in the Outer Banks for July. It's going to be us, Peyton, Mica, Chad's mother, brother, sister-in-law, niece, her boyfriend and my dad! My mom and her boyfriend are also going down, but they are getting their own drama for this momma!! Haha...AND, we are getting MARRIED while we are there!!! We have been waiting to get married until we could do it as a family (read: the girls are with us), and we finally can! It won't be anything fancy or big...just the thirteen of us, a beach ceremony and some good food after. We will probably renew our vows on our first anniversary in Maine and have a much larger celebration with our family and friends. I wish they could all come down, but honestly, it's a huge hassle for everyone, so we are keeping it TINY. 

the view from our deck...I cannot wait!!

Cam is hard right now. I promise I won't complain much more because I know we are EXTREMELY lucky to be parents to a sweetheart of a little boy, and I know it could be a lot worse, but I just have to vent sometimes. So, thank you for listening and for letting me know that we aren't the only ones. 
I often finding myself thinkig, "You have the attention span of a one year old!!" Then I remember, wait, you ARE one. #momfail

And when he's hard, the best thing I can do is this:

Our home renovation project has been on hold for the last few weeks because of the ridiculous amounts of snow and stupid low temperatures. BUT, they started working again this week and the roof is off from the section of the house that needs to be rebuilt! I love seeing stuff happen!

There have been a lot of sad things happening around me: a high school basketball player got majorly injured at a game we attended, a high school senior died from complications of wisdom teeth surgery, my co-worker's uncle got hit while fixing the trailer on his car by a girl that was texting and is now in a coma...please pray for them or hold your family a little closer tonight. Things could turn for the worse in an instance.

On a happier note, my high school is playing in the state championship for basketball tomorrow night AND my mom is taking Cam overnight!! We are in for a wild weekend. (I just hope we aren't home and in bed by 9:00! Hahaha) We have only had one Cam-less night, and we came back home by 7:00 am the next day!! #cantstayaway

What are your plans this weekend?

Thursday, February 27, 2014


February 11
Mr Independent wanted to carry the basket all by himself...until he picked it up and realized he needed some help! (And, obviously, Momma needed some wine as so many of you pointed out!! Haha!)

February 12
ALL DONE, MOM! I think he was ready to watch Toy Story 3 for the 2389475th time...

February 13
Selfies are our new faves....and mustaches. And pacifiers. What a perfect trifecta!

February 14
Dr. Love. One of my favorite pictures of all time!

February 15
Cam has officially learned how to ride ON the cart instead of in it...until his little fingers hurt and he steps off with no notice!

February 16
Why wouldn't you stop in the middle of Abercrombie to dance? Their music is just soooo inviting....
(Disclaimer: We were not IN the store; Cam walked in because of the music. I would never voluntarily go in there...shutter)

February 17
No, this isn't that cool new app, it's just a very zoomed in picture of the #1 Woody fan in the world...this kid LOVES him some Toy Story!

February 18
And, he loves throwing temper tantrums because sandals don't fit with socks. #whymysoniscrying

February 19
J-E-L-L-O did not disappoint!

February 20
The Children's Museum is a must on our list every few weeks...sometimes he loves the fire truck, sometimes he loves the cars. This week, he loved the farm and did not want to let anyone else drive the tractor!

February 21
A chocolate croissant AND apple juice..this kid was in heaven! (And I was so jealous that I couldn't steal a bite because of our new diet...damn you, chocolate!)

If you're still following me on Instagram, I am surprised. I know that a picture every day is a bit of an overload, but I secretly love looking back on these and remember the little details. I know I will love having these down the road!!

Are you participating in a picture-a-day?? If so, let me know so I can follow along, too!!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

It's the little a haircut

and three hours of doing nothing but reading trashy magazines and gossiping with your hairdresser.

Thanks, Jess and Ashley for hosting! This is one of my favorite link-ups!

Last night, I had my hair appointment at 4:30. I got home a little after 7 and although I missed my night with Cameron, I enjoyed doing nothing for awhile. Is that selfish? I rarely have time to myself - if I have a couple of hours during naptime at home, I am doing laundry, answering emails, paying bills, etc...if I have an hour (if I'm lucky) at work, I am writing reports or helping kids with their homework.

I loved my ME time.

And my new brighter, shorter hairdo!

taken at 5am after being up with Cam since 1:00...that's 3 hours of sleep that I got!! So please don't mind the bitchy look...

Happy Hump Day, Friends! What is your favorite ME time activity?

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Cameron's School Valentine's Day Party

I posted some pictures last week of Cameron's new school, and you were all so sweet about it! We love his school - we visited a different one, and it doesn't even compare!!

Anyways, they had a Valentine's Day party, and these pictures pretty much sum it up.

Cam IN his  Valentine envelope

Receiving a Valentine...

Eating a Valentine....

Delivering Valentines....

WOW! What is this??

These toddlers are so darn cute and they all loved the party! Our bubbles were a huge hit. (And the goldfish were a hit with Cam, as you can see from him reaching into his bag during the picture!)

I LOVED seeing how excited they all were!! Cam got some really cute Valentines: crazy straw, goldfish, a bug and a few more...then they came and delivered Valentine's to their parents, and I almost died of cuteness overload. Can you picture eleven toddlers walking through a high school together holding onto a rope? Cutest site ever!!

Thanks for reading my crazy child-obsessed post; I just love this age!!

Monday, February 24, 2014

Our Weekend Full of Plans...

turned into a very quiet (with lots of toddler screaming) weekend of little activity.

Is anyone else's toddler turning into the devil a much harder child these days? Maybe it's cabin fever, maybe it's teeth (although I know it's not), maybe it was vacation, but Cam has been H.A.R.D. these past few days.

Up here in the north, we get a February vacation and an April vacation instead of one "Spring Break" week. The February vacation was created to save schools money on heat since it gets so darn cold in the winters. However, with so many extracurricular activities, I don't think they ever turn the heat down the entire week, but I digress...

Cam and I were home together last week with very little opportunity to leave the house because of weather. We made trips to Target (duh), the Children's Museum and the mall, but we really couldn't do anything outside because the snow is now ice and the temps were in the teens. I am hoping that this break in his routine is the reason for his behavior, because I am O.V.E.R. it. I still love him to pieces and my heart breaks when he cries, but I haven't figured out the balance between ignoring bad behavior and responding to requests. I am a firm believer that babies, toddlers and children cry for a reason - even if that reason is to get your attention! Especially at this age, I believe that Cam cries for our attention because he wants someone to play with, someone to help him do something or someone to change something (the temperature, the channel or his diaper)! I hate ignoring him, but I did have to walk away a few times. Please tell me you've had to do this, too.

So, anyways...back to our weekend.

Friday afternoon, Cam was in rare form and threw a FIT because he wanted to sit on the bathroom counter with his feet in the sink and let the water run over his feet and legs WITH his socks and pants on. Really? That's why you were crying? So, as soon as my mom walked in the door to babysit, I gladly handed him over and left. Chad and I met up with my Dad, uncle and aunt to watch my high school play in the girl's basketball tournament. We won by a lot, but a girl on the other team ended up going to the hospital and is still there. It's so scary because she's seizing and nobody knows why! I was a hot mess in tears while they were waiting for the ambulance...she's so young, and it was a freak accident. Please pray for her.

My one and only selfie...

Saturday, we did a little grocery shopping, checked out a gym and headed back home for Cam's nap. Except he didn't want to nap. We had a birthday party to go to at 2:00, and he didn't fall asleep until 1:45. FAIL.  Plan #1 canceled.

Saturday night, we cooked dinner and relaxed...we were sort of exhausted from battling with Cam all day. Oh, and we watched McAuley win the Western Maine Championship on tv (wild Saturday night)!!

Isn't this picture the cutest??? I played with Mr Freeman's daughter (and his wife works at the high school). Sr. Edward Mary was my principal, but is now retired. There are always about a dozen nuns at each game...I love it!

Sunday morning, we headed to Kennebunkport to have brunch with our friends Alex and Robyn who have two precious boys: Oscar and Waylon. Waylon is itty bitty still, and I just wanted to eat him up.

yummy, delicious Mexican breakfast - I can't believe I didn't have 48573 servings...

Oscar Mac

Brunch for the boys

Why have we not gotten Cam one of these yet?

Cam chillin in the baby bouncer

On the way home, Cam fell asleep for about ten minutes then woke up screaming...I'm not sure if he was uncomfortable or was having a hard time going to the bathroom (Sorry, TMI), but he wouldn't go back to sleep. ALL DAY. 

No Nap Sunday. Plan #2 canceled.

We watched Toy Story 3 for the 8457943 time then went grocery shopping again. He slept from 630 - 615...I'll take it. Chad and I watched a movie about Steve Jobs that was decent...he was quite the j-e-r-k! Then I drank some Sleepytime Tea and slept for nine hours. 

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!! Happy Monday!

Friday, February 21, 2014

5 Must Haves for a Toddler-Friendly Winter

Living in Maine has taught us a lot about how to dress for winter. As adults, it's a little easier because you know when you're cold, wet, uncomfortable, etc....but when you're responsible for a baby, it's a little different. After two day cares, numerous mom suggestions and our own experience, we have some suggestions for your little one in the snow!! (The top two brands are definite "must haves" in my books...the jacket, snow pants and hat you can find anywhere - LLBean, Children's Place, consignment stores, etc...)

Cam's Snow Outfit

1. Kamik Rocket Boots - These things are awesome. They are so easy to put on, and they keep Cam's feet super warm. We just put regular socks on, and his feet are always toasty warm when we come back inside.

2. Snowstopper Mittens - If your child is going outside, you have to get these. They pull up high on the arm so they don't get pulled off, fall off, etc...Cam has never taken these off while outside which means that his hands have never gotten wet or cold! So worth the $15!

3. Waterproof Jacket - We got an LLBean jacket at the local consignment store, which was a major steal!!! I may always buy his winter jackets second-hand because people pay good money (Thing, LLBean, Patagonia, North Face), and their child only wears it for a few months. Cam's jacket looked brand new and was $12!

4. Bib Snowpants - There's no way I am allowing snow to get down Cam's pants!! The bibs keep them up and provide a little extra warmth in case his jacket goes up a little...

5. A lined hat with a chin closure - We scored an awesome hat at the GAP Outlet this past fall and Cam loves it. It's comfy, cute and WARM. The hats that just pull on haven't worked for us...

His hat that he never takes off...if you follow me on IG, I am sure you've seen it a hundred times!

Cam all dressed up and ready for the snow!!

Do you have any winter "must haves" to share??

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Our Valentine Weekend

I am so awful at doing Weekend Recaps, but I do love to look back on old posts and remember our weekends together. 

Friday was Valentine's Day, of course, but Chad had to leave really early for a meeting on Friday morning, so we started our celebration on Thursday night with cupcakes and milk. With ice. It's should try it. 

We also picked out Cam's attire for the holiday:

and finished his valentines for his classmates:

Thanks, Pinterest!

School started late on Friday morning because of snow, but when we finally arrived, I had beautiful flowers waiting for me from my #1 Valentine. 

I always say that flowers are overrated, but who doesn't love the get them at WORK?

Then, as the school day went on, I started to hear little toddler voices in the halls! Cam's class had made valentines for their parents and were delivering them to us!! I almost died...I captured it on video but can't upload it for some reason.

Friday night, we had an impromptu date night thanks to my mom! Of course, we hadn't made reservations anywhere so we had a bit of a time trying to find a seat somewhere. Luckily, we called a restaurant we had never been to before, and they had a seat in the bar. We always sit in the bar when we go out, so this was perfect! We were expecting to pay a lot for crappy food (sorry, just being honest), but were SO pleasantly surprised by The Old Port Sea Grill that we still haven't stopped talking about it!!! We had their fried calamari, seared tuna and scallops with Brussel sprouts...everything was delicious. AND, the manager gave us a free dessert and a couple at the bar bought us a shot because we gave them one of our was an awesome night!! (We were still home and on the couch by animals, I tell ya!)

The rest of the weekend was spent going to breakfast, grocery shopping, cooking and playing at Peekaboo Children's Center - one of our favorite new spots.

I hope you all have a great weekend (since it starts tomorrow...I am awful at these things)!!!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Picture Overload: Day Care

I wasn't going to link up with Ashley and Jess today because I really wanted to share these pictures, but as I continued to look at these, it reminds me that it is the little being able to get a snapshot of your child's day, even when you're not there. (And felling totally, 100% sure of your decision to put your child into someone else's care!)

As I've mentioned before, Cam started a new day care in January, and he loves it!! They just uploaded some pictures from the last few weeks, so I wanted to share them so I have them forever. :)

Sometimes, I forget his jacket or hat...#momfail

He yells at plays well with others....

He loves to read. (And, they have a 4' llama in the school, so when it's too cold to go outside, they hide the llama somewhere and try to find it. Last time, it was on the elevator!)

The sensory table is one of his favorites! They change it twice a week, so he's never bored.

Cam and his girlfriend, Avery:

And, I had to include this picture  because it's the only at "circle" time where he's participating...usually, he's off playing with something else because he doesn't want to sit still! That's my boy!

After seeing all of these pictures, I know why he's stinking tired every night!!

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