Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Our Weekend was this...

This past weekend was a weekend of no plans - the best!!

Friday night, we stopped by the local girl's basketball game (where I teach) to watch one of my students play...it was so fun to see her in a different atmosphere and to see her parents!! After, we headed to Longhorn for some heart dinners and beers. :) What else is there to do on a cold winter night?!

our little athlete loves to watch any sport with a "ball!'

Saturday morning, we were up and at 'em nice and early with a yummy breakfast by Chad followed by a haircut for Cam!

sharing his bacon with LouLou

Cam didn't cry for the first time and they used the electric clippers!

Next was a quick trip to our house to see the progress....it's soooooo exciting to see it opened up and actually be able to envision our HOME there!

our living room

our "breakfast nook" - the stairs and wall are coming down, and in its place will be a cozy breakfast nook!

our kitchen...these are the same stairs that will be coming down, so it will be 16' of counter space then our breakfast nook!

Saturday night, we went on a DATE! We went to see Lone Survivor, which had me in full on tears at the end. 

Sunday, I was so sick all day. I could. not. stop. sneezing. 

Chad always works on Sundays, so Cam and I went to my dad's so he could help take care of Cam. My aunt, uncle and cousin came over for lunch, so it was nice to have some help while I laid on the couch helpless. Ha. 

So, my Sunday consisted of snuggles with this guy and some Candy Crush (when I could open my eyes). I finally beat a level I've been playing since before Christmas! #firstworldproblems

he loves seeing himself in the phone!

I hope you all had a great weekend and are having a good week....I am ready for spring and above freezing temps!! 


  1. i'm actually almost mad at you for finally beating your level while i'll still stuck on mine. NO JOKE. so annoyed!

  2. I seriously can't stop playing candy crush... It's too addicting!!


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