Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Our Christmas Vacation: the abridged version

Christmas vacation is like, well, Christmas vacation for teachers. The last day of school is very similar to that last day in June when there's not a care in the world and there's such a buzz in the air full of excitement, anticipation and naps. Lots of naps. 

I put together this fun little mix for our ed techs because I appreciate them more than I could ever show. This little trail mix is sort of insulting as a gift, but it turned out so delicious that I think it got the point across. 

We finally took Cam to see Santa. He loved it. Every second of it. Until it was time to sit on the lap of Jolly 'Ole Saint Nick. 

Christmas was a down-right blast with an 18 month old. Cam realized that there was something inside every package, so he loved helping everyone open their gifts. 

My His favorite was his Everywhere Chair. He likes to sit everywhere-but-the-chair.

We dined with these ladies...Chad was a stud that night and treated us to a little restaurant hop around Portland. We visited Petit Jacqueline, Local 188, Boda and finally Pat's Pizza. You can pay all the money in the world for fancy dinners, but there's nothing like some thing crust pizza and a pitcher of beer to end your night. :)

Cam and I played nanny for the day while we watched Jameson. They play so well together and Cam loves to copy everything J does. 

Except nap. Cam would not nap. And this was his reaction.

We went to the Children's Museum a few times...

I'm slightly obsessed with Cameron in glasses...

And visited the library on a yucky day...

We had lots of snow and freezing temperatures over vacation, so we were inside. A lot. We discovered Nick, Jr. and I thank the good Lord above every day that we did because it saved my sanity. :)

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