Friday, January 24, 2014

5 on Friday: Our Life Lately

I have been slacking big time on 5 on Friday posts, but I love them so much that I wanted to jump back in. :)

We are still moving forward on renovating our house. There are no longer walls, just studs. Windows are being removed, the chimney is gone and all of our contractors are in place. Next step: tearing down a part that needs to be*t is about to get real!

My mom turns 50 on Monday, so we threw her a "surprise" party last weekend at a local bowling alley. There were lots of friends, props and cocktails (plus some bowling and food, too).

Babies, babies, everywhere!! There are so many babies coming into this world right now - Emily just had sweet baby Claire and Jill is just waiting for her two boys to join her and make a family of five any day now! AND, so many people are expecting! Don't even ask me when Baby #2 is's nowhere on the radar (well, kinda, but not anytime soon)!

The girls (Chad's daughters) are coming to visit this summer! They've never been to Maine, and we haven't seen them since we went to Holland last March! We are looking for a lake house to rent that will fit all of us plus Chad's mother, brother, sister-in-law and niece - I can't wait!!

Spending Freeze!! We are officially on a spending freeze after my birthday, Christmas then my mom's birthday. We just purchased a sectional and kitchen table for our house, and we don't need to buy anything else for awhile. I want to put away as much savings as we can (and pay down our debt more) before we move into our house because you know there are going to be so many things we will forget about!

How do you handle the expenses in your house? Do you share accounts with your partner? Do you have a spending account and a bills account (We do!)? Do you use cash? I always love to hear other ideas about how to handle your family's finances. 

Happy Friday!


  1. I totally need to go on a spending freeze, maybe this will inspire me?!! Happy Friday!

  2. Can't wait to see the finished product on your house!!! I'm sure it's hectic right now, but it'll be worth it! :) Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!!

  3. Doesn't it blow your mind to see your house like that? It's crazy and exciting all at once!! And spending freeze? Such s good idea. I need to implement one too!

  4. So excited to see how the house renovations turn fun! We are in the process of house hunting now and while it's fun, it's stressful!!! And Holland? How exciting for you and your husband to have time with the girls. I'm sure Cam will love it too!

  5. Can't wait to see how the house comes together! I wish I had some advice for you on the finances, we are AWFUL about that. We share an account but really don't keep track of anything. Not good!

  6. One of my resolutions this year is to do a "no spend week" once a month where I cut out all extraneous spending (goodbye, morning latte!). I'm only one month in and it's already been challenging, but it's helped me identify where I could be saving more!

  7. We follow Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace plan and stick to a budget every month. And we only spend cash. I HIGHLY recommend the classes if they are in your area. We don't follow it 100% but just the basic principles


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