Thursday, January 23, 2014


I have been holding up pretty well, although some days have been a bit of a stretch to get a good picture...

January 13
My dad has been picking up Cameron from day care on Mondays and Wednesdays so I can work my second job. Of course, all my dad wants to do is rough house with Cam, so he is WOUND UP when he gets home! This night, he would not calm down (until he crashed at 7:30)!

January 14
I always love to peek through the window at day care when I get there so I can watch Cam with the other kids. As soon as he sees me, though, it's over and he's a Stage 5 Clinger.

January 15
Another afternoon with Grandpa...see why he's so wound up?

January 16
Morning drives to school have turned into total jam fests with this little dude...the Sirius station Backspin is our #1 choice. On this particular morning, Lil Kim was on, and so were Cameron's shades. :)

January 17
We have a "January thaw" every year, so last week when temps were above 40, we took full advantage and wagon-ed our way to Walmart. Of course, Cam was like a rockstar and got a smile and coos from every man, woman and child in the place. (It didn't hurt that he was being rolled around like a king!)

January 18
Aren't Saturday mornings with toddlers the best? We usually leave the house to get coffee, breakfast, run errands, etc...but last weekend, we just stayed home. We built a fort for Cam and he was in heaven! He got to wear Daddy's hat and we stayed in our PJs until lunchtime!

January 19
The day the Pats lost the AFC Championship...Cam didn't mind all of the attention from our visitors, but we were quite sad about the game!

January 20
We had monday off for MLK, Jr day, so we cruised around the basement, cleaned, did laundry then visited the Children's Museum. Cameron is totally into cheesing for the camera...our little sweetie pie.

January 21
Did I mention Stage 5 Clinger? Totally...he hates to leave our side!

Happy Friday-Eve, friends!!! We have ZERO plans this weekend, and I can't wait!

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  1. No plans on a weekend sounds amazing! I love all of the pics!


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