Monday, January 13, 2014


I have been an awful blogger, but a wonderful Instagramer! Check out what we've been up to!

January 7 
Hot dogs and ketchup for dinner...more ketchup, less dogs, ma. 

January 8 
I have convinced myself that acting like a dog is normal for an 18 month old? BTW, this water was freezing, and he refused to get out of the tub for almost 30 minutes so he could continue doing this.

January 9 
18 month well check...25 lbs and 33" 
Our little string bean is healthy as can be. We asked about his protruding belly, and the doctor said that once he hits 2, he will walk standing a little taller and his belly will come in. 
Does anyone else's child have a hard, round belly? 

January 10
A Cabella's trip past bedtime makes for some interesting entertainment...Chad went to the Patriot's game on Saturday, and with a forecast of pouring rain, he needed a waterproof outfit! So, we headed out to do some "quick" shopping after dinner, and Cameron was a cheese ball the entire time! I loved it!

January 11
While Daddy's away, the girls will play!! My mom and I had the best time with Cameron - we played pass with him while he was in the bath then let him run wild and free (with no accidents)!! I couldn't help but capture this adorable moment...

January 12
In an attempt to make my child love me, I gave him a piece of my Kit Kat bar...well, when that was gone, he wanted more, but his selfish mother had already eaten the rest. And, this was the response I got. I'm not sure if he's trying to be tough or his stomach hurts from the chocolate, but either way, he wasn't pleased with me! Haha

I think I might actually do a couple of recaps from our weekend and from our Christmas! (Better late than never, right?!) Stay tuned!!


  1. lex has a hard round belly. . . pretty sure its called their ORGANS!! they just don't have the ab muscles to pull it all in (that's the rumor? according to my father in law?). LOVE seeing cameron's little face every day!! he's seriously the cutest!!


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