Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Mommy & Me: Some Rare Pictures!

I have so few pictures of Cameron and me, and the pictures that I do have show the true me...very little make-up, no fashionable outfit and hair pulled back. But, these are the pictures we will cherish in 20 years, right?

This past weekend, we made an early morning trip to LLBean because, well, they were the only store open at 7 am!! (They never close, which is quite convenient.) We picked up some Bean boots for Peyton and Mica and a few other goodies for our stockings.

LL Bean has this great fish tank with a bubble that allows you to be at the same level as the fish...Cam loved the "fishies" and almost had a meltdown when we had to leave. Chad cannot wait to take him fishing in a few years!!

Have I mentioned that I love this age? Cam is so interactive and sweet. I cannot get enough of him!!!!


  1. A store you can visit when awake at the butt crack of dawn when a toddler wakes you up? I WANT ONE. Also- if that's you without make up I kinda hate you. Your gorgeous!!

  2. Love the pictures! And you look gorgeous with little makeup and your hair pulled back! Jealous! :)

  3. Oh my goodness, that is awesome! Mac would love that tank!

  4. Love these sweet pics and you are gorgeous, lady!!!!


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