Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Cameron: 17 Months

My little boy...you are almost 1 1/2 years old! I thought you would be my little boy forever.

Teeth: still 16, but you are digging way in the back...maybe molars are on their way? I hear they're a b*tch!

This month, you have learned so many words. They are all words that you say without any prompting or when you recognize something. They include:
Football, Ball, Touchdown, Book, Apple, TV, Hot, Milk, Water, Loulou, Momma, Dadda, Grandpa, Night night, Bath, Brush teeth, Bear, Doggy, Cat, Elephant, Cracker, Cookie, Pizza, Banana, Jacket, Hat, Bye bye, Hello, Love you, Truck, Vroom, Outside, Fork, Bless you, Thank you, Sit Down, Please, More, Music, Sock and Shoe (your favorite word)

You also know what an owl and elephant say and can move like a robot. :)

You have started to want to do things on your own include putting on your shoes and taking off your jacket. (You aren't successful yet, but you get an A for effort!) You know that when we say it's time to get ready to go, you must have four things: socks, shoes, hat and jacket. I wonder what will happen when spring and summer come along and you no longer need socks, a hat or a jacket...you are obsessed with these things!

Trying on Momma's Bean Boots

Toys: It's gotten to be too cold to go outside, but we have taken the wagon for a ride or two, and we "let" you "help" us bring in the trash cans...it's one of your favorite things to do! You love to read (finally), and have a few favorite toys that I wrote about here.

You LOVE music and you love to dance. If we have to turn off the music in the car for some reason, you point and say, "music" so we turn it back on. We have an adorable video of you dancing the other night...you were going to town!

We started an email address for you...it's quite funny to think that you will be seeing and reading these pictures and emails when you are 18 (if we can make it that long without telling you). There are some naked pics, some funny stories and lots of love. :)

Preoccupied with nursery rhymes on YouTube...our lifesaver when we go out to dinner!

Sleep: You are still taking two naps during the day, but will need to adjust to just one when you start your new day care in January. You will also be napping on a mat instead of in a crib...I'm sure you'll adjust just fine, but it has me a little worried!

Food: You are a very picky eater. You love crackers (and any crunchy snack), cheese, green beans, bananas, cheerios, hot dogs and bologna. That's about it. You aren't against trying other things, but you don't generally like them.

In case you can't tell from our pictures, the pacifier is still a major component of every day life. You've gotten even more attached to it lately; maybe it's because you're teething? I have no idea, but it's gotta go soon!

What happens when I take away your pacifier...oy vey!

Social: You had quite a few play dates this month: Sofia, Oscar and Jameson. I love watching you around older kids because you share so well and just sort of take it all in. When they grab something from you, you don't fuss (yet), but you kind of just step back and let them have it. I'm sure this will change, but right now, I am a proud momma! You've also been so sweet as we've carted you around from appliance stores to lumber stores to our new house...we started demo-ing this month, and you have been the best! Aunt Stacey takes you sometimes so we can get more work done, but you rarely complain. :)

We celebrated your second Thanksgiving and did it in a very low-key manner. We didn't do much, but we enjoyed our time with you!


Uncle Donnie

I love you, sweet baby. THIS is my favorite age. I am still amazed at every. single. thing you do. You are learning so much; I am always so proud to be your momma. 


  1. pooh the pacifier. i swear lex has been asking for hers more lately too! i keep hoping its because she's going to give it up soon (ya right!). Happy 17 months sweet little guy!! he looks SO sweet and cute- i want a play date!!

  2. Happy 17 months, Cam!! I LOVE the idea of Cam having his own email address - brilliant! We may have to do this. I do have the whole 'Letters to Madeline' thing I'm doing but for more personal things, an email address is perfect. Cam is just adorable, Jess. Love to you all!

  3. Where do you find the nursery rhymes on the iPad?

  4. He is so adorable! And how cute are you two in that last picture :)


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