Friday, December 13, 2013

5 on Friday: What we've been up to

I am joining up with these lovely ladies after taking a few weeks off! 


I will be participating in The Workout Mama's FREE Christmas Bootcamp to get myself back into's been so hard to find time to work out at home and I hate to pick up Cam from day care just to take him to another day care at the gym! Hopefully, this will be the jump start that I need!


We are finally having our family pictures taken tomorrow! I would wait until it's going to be 17 degrees to get this done, but we just honestly haven't had time! I cannot wait to have some updated pictures of Cameron, as well as pictures as a family. AND, my parents are coming, so I will have automatic Christmas presents for them. ;) Now, to decide on what to wear....


Cameron visited a new day care/pre-school this week. He will start in January, and we cannot wait!! It's in our local elementary school, so there's a huge playground, a football field to run on and an actual structured day. They do activities, wash their hands, sleep on a mat instead of a crib...what's happened to my little boy??


My birthday was this past week, and instead of being in Vegas, we were home with my family eating ziti and meatballs. And, honestly, I loved it. I would have loved to have been in Vegas with Chad, but there's really nothing like family. My cousin came over with her son, William, who's 9 months older than Cam, and they have a blast together!

My cousin and me on the left, circa 1987. Our boys on the right circa 2013.


I finally sorta kinda got a picture of Cam in some Christmas pjs...this boy does not like to stand still long enough for a picture, but I finally grabbed one while eating goldfish for breakfast. Don't judge.

Happy Friday, friends!! Stay warm!


  1. Those Santa jammies are too stinking cute! They kinda make me giggle :) Good luck with family pictures!! Can't wait to see!

  2. Oh my goodness those dang jammies are too cute! Can't wait to see your family pics!

  3. The jammies!!!! I die. Sounds like a perfect bday!!!

  4. He is so cute! Love those Santa jammies. I can't believe he's big enough to sleep on a mat and not in a crib. I'm in total denial that my baby is that old! Happy belated birthday!


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