Tuesday, November 26, 2013

These are a Few of my Favorite Things : Stocking Stuffers

I am joining Elise and Jen again to talk about my favorite stocking stuffers!

I have always looked forward to opening my stocking on Christmas morning because the gifts are always small, fun and sometimes quirky!

Stocking Stuffers

1. A good quality water bottle or coffee mug...these things are like gold at my house, so we are always "gifting" each other with good drinking products. They are much more expensive, but sooo worth it! What's your favorite water bottle and coffee mug brands? We are still debating over here...

2. Magazines. There's something about cozying up with a big cup of "something" and a magazine after the mad rush of present-opening.

3. A fun mug. Why not? 

4. Some good 'ole Captain Morgan (or liquor of your choice). This is always in my stocking (except when I was preggos), and it's always a delight to see. Put this in your big cup of "something" while reading your magazine, and you will have a very Merry Christmas! 

5. Eye cream, chapstick, mascara...whatever you need.

6. Candy. Gum. Pistachios. Something sweet to snack on while reading your magazine.

7. Gloves or scarves. These are always my go-to gift for other woman, and they are always appreciated. It really doesn't matter how many of these you have, another set of gloves or another pashmina is a great addition to any wardrobe!

What do you like to give/receive in your stocking?


  1. Love these! You are welcome to stuff my stocking with any of the above ;)

  2. i love this!! stockings are SO HARD. i think my favorite stocking stuffers are scratch cards from the gas station! my mom buys them for all of us- and usually someone at least wins $1 :)

  3. Great list! Love the mug...and that waterbottle!!


  4. Now this is a FUN list!!!! I think I need to show Santa a few of these items!!! ;)) Thanks for linking up, girl!!

  5. All of these are fabulous! I'm tellin ya- stockings for me are just a way to stock up on everyday things! haha

  6. YES to all!! Love it. And that mug is perfect. I can't seem to collect enough cute mugs. It's a problem. ;) thanks for linking up, lady love!!! xx

  7. Rum, Kit Kats and Lucky magazine?! You and I are soul sisters. Can you please volunteer to do my stocking shopping for my husband. Obviously you "get me." :)

  8. I'm with Sara, we might be long lost BFFs! I'm going to need that water bottle, rum and the mug! Happy Tuesday :)


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