Friday, November 1, 2013

Cameron: 16 Months

Teeth: 16

Diapers: Size 3 and 4 at night
Shoes: 5
Tops: 12 - 24 months
Bottoms: 12 - 18 months (barely)
Pajamas: 18 - 24 months

You know where to find your belly button, your nose, your eyes and your mouth.

You still love shoes. And balls. You remember where they are and frequently point to get us to bring you back to where they are. You're super smart.

You are saying so many words, and you mimic everything (and I mean everything) we say. You can recognize so many things: pumpkin, balloon, ball, apple, shoe, milk, water, home. You're saying (and signing) please, which makes me a happy momma! (You are saying and recognizing so many things, but I can't remember them! I need to keep a list on my phone!)

You can high five, cheers and fist-pump...we are pretty proud.

You are sleeping from 7 - 6 and only wake in the night when you are sick. You are still taking two naps most days but sometimes surprise us with a long nap around lunchtime!

You know that the fireplace and stove are "hot" and you've been so very good about staying away from them. Speaking of safety, we've never used a baby gate and you're pretty good about staying away from the stairs. You rarely climb up them, but when you do, you turn around and let us tell you "no." You have not quite figured out stepping down...sometimes you notice that there's a step and reach for a hand or railing, but other times, you just keep going like there's nothing there. Luckily, we're usually right there and catch you before you fall.

You've started to say "no" but more with a y in the middle and lots of o's...kind of like "nyooo." I always laugh; I can't help it!

You are LOVING your Daddy lately. I am your 3rd favorite, which makes me pretty sad. You used to want only me, and now you want LouLou and Daddy most of the time. It does allow me to get ready more quickly in the morning, but I hate when I am holding you and you reach for someone else. :( But, I know deep down inside, that you still love me the most. ;)

You are quite the picky eater, my love. You can't get enough of meatballs, bologna and hot dogs...You also love bananas, apples, blueberries and grapes, but veggies are hit or miss. You still love any kind of bread and drink a ton of milk.

It's so hard to get everything into are changing by the minute! I am still shocked that you are not a baby any longer...instead, you are our amazing little boy who is so, so, so, so smart. You are quite sassy, but you are still sweet and ours. You make us want a huge family, baby....someday!!! :)

I love you more than you know.


PS You call me Dadda and Chad Momma...we always laugh, but people are going to start wondering!


  1. He's SOOOO cute! My daughter did the same thing -- I was called Dada and my husband was Momma from 16 months to just recently at 22 months. When we were out people were so confused! Too funny!!!

  2. Oh my gosh he's SO cute. And please teach me your sleep tricks! Hudson used to sleep 7-6 but lately has been getting up once at night and it is killing me!

  3. Cam is so adorable, Jess. I too, am struggling with the whole wanting someone else thing. Maddy is joined at the hip with daddy right now and refuses to let me do anything. It kills me. :-( But, I know it is a phase and soon it will be me again or something else. Have a great weekend, friend! XO

  4. How cute is your little man!
    New follower here :)
    Life with Baby Sophia


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