Friday, November 22, 2013

5 (plus 1) on Friday: Favorite toys for 15 - 18 months

I am cheating a bit this week because I couldn't list just 5 of Cameron's favorite toys!

Cameron has always been a "holder" - he'd rather be held than play with toys! However, this has changed drastically in the last few months...he loves to have some independent play and makes me feel like we are spending our money wisely on his toys! ;)

Favorites toys 15 - 18 months

He loves this thing! He asks for "hep" a lot, but can get more and more in each time he tries! It's a little confusing since there are four sides, so I always put it on the side where it goes in to help with his frustration. :)

I am sure you've seen this brand all over the place, but so far, the guitar is enough for our little man! Cam loves music and loves to dance, so this is perfect for him. It sings 20 songs and has some "doggie" songs that are howled...sounds annoying, but it's quite cute!

3. Balls
Basketball, golf ball, football, soccer ball....we buy a ball almost every time we go to the store, so he probably has 2 dozen already, but it's still not enough. He loves to pick up as many as he can and pile them on top of each other. 

I bought this for Cameron hoping that he would love it so I could justifying buying a larger one for Christmas. My dream came true, and he plays with it every day! It makes noise, which is a bonus, and you can match shapes, which is another bonus. 

I buy these at our local consignment store for $2 or so, and they are worth every penny...I'm not sure I would buy them at full price, but Cam does love them.  The one pictured is his favorite...I think it has something to do with matching shapes. (Do you see a pattern here?)

This is another consignment store find for $6! I was so excited when we found this because Cam loves to play with our vacuum at home. He's always running around the house with it. It also makes music, so of course he loves it! I can't wait to get him more "appliances" to play with!

Books are also at the top of his can see some of his favorites here

My mom got him the LATT table/chair set from IKEA, and this is where he sits to do his's perfect for him (and so easy to put together)!

Do you have any favorites for your little person? I always love seeing what other toys are popular!


  1. Jackson loved some of these very same things at this stage (and isn't the mini Ikea table the best?!). It's crazy how quickly they grow and what then entertains them! Jackson is so into trains and tractors right now.... and the ABC's!

    Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend!! :)

  2. Jaqs likes many of the same toys! She is OBSESSED with "baws" (balls) and will throw anything that is round. Haha. Lately it seems like she's more into non-toys like playing with dried beans & measuring cups, straws, and plastic Easter eggs. I've been trying to get creative with keeping her entertained because she flits around from thing to thing like a little fly! It's exhausting! ;)

  3. The b woofer is a fav around here too... For lex AND my husband :)

  4. This list is so great! Mason loves his vaccum, shape sorter and all wooden puzzles! I'm going to have to look into the kitchen, super cute! Thanks for sharing - love your blog!

  5. I've been eyeing that same table and chairs set from Ikea for Maddy. How does Cam like it?

  6. We have the shape sorter and Ethan loves it! I have a feeling he would LOVE the guitar and kitchen too! Adding it to his wishlist!! ;)

  7. Thanks for the ideas for XMas!! Hehe

  8. The IKEA table is on Carter's Christmas list!

  9. Love this list. I am so tempted to get Mac a "real" vacuum cleaner (maybe a Dust Buster) so he can really help out around the house. I am not kidding. So. Much. Dog hair. Ugh.


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