Thursday, November 21, 2013

30 While 30...less than 30 days left!

In case you haven't noticed, I have a "30 While 30" list going on up in here, and being 30 is almost over for me, so here's a brief update of my progress.

1. Get a stamp on my passport - DONE (Holland in Spring 2013)

2. Take a weekend trip with just Chad - BOOKED (Vegas in December for my 30th!)

3. Rent a camp for the week - this has been postponed to the next year....whomp, whomp :(

4. Get my teaching certificate in Maine - DONE

5. Pay off most of our debt - DONE (We have paid off almost $10k this year)

6. Plan a fantastic 1st birthday for Cameron - DONE 

7. Find a church to attend

8. Baptize Cameron

9. Get a permanent job - DONE

10. Save $2,000 cash - we've put most of it towards debt, but we are saving!

11. Have a date night at least once a month - DONE...We are good about this!

12. Volunteer - SCHEDULED for Thanksgiving

13. Read the bible

14. Have dinner with Dad at least every 2 weeks - DONE (We have dinner every Friday night!)

15. Go apple picking - DONE (Cam looooved it.)

16. Drive up Route 1 - DONE (Mom's Birthday)

17. Meet other Moms - Sort of...We have done swim lessons and some open gyms, but we honestly don't have a ton of time to do too many classes! I'm pretty happy with my current mom-friends, though. :)

18. Start my Arbonne business - DONE

19. Get Cameron involved in activities outside of day care - DONE (Swim Lessons)

20. Run in a race - not even close...this will continue to be on my list until it's complete!

21. Find our own house - DONE!! (We just started renovating.)

22. Do 30-Day Detox - DONE

23. Do 100 push ups and a 5-minute plank - in the same category as running...not even close

24. Pay for somebody's dinner at a restaurant - I buy the person behind me at Starbuck's a $5 gift card all the time...does that count? Not quite...I still want to do this!

25. Learn how to use my camera - I have used it, but have not learned how to use it properly. 

26. Send real cards - I have been down right awful about this. I need to get it together!

27. Contemplate another tattoo ;) - I've been contemplating it, but I haven't gone through with it. 

28. Get personalized stationary - nope...unless I get it as a gift. Hint, hint.

29. Bake something from scratch - Chad cooked an apple pie, and I ate it. Does that count?

30. Read a book. Yes, a book. - DONE (Two Kisses for Maddie)

So, I am not overly thrilled with my progress, but I feel like we got a lot done this year! We still have to work on our fitness and our faith: two major focus areas for 2014. 

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  1. Girl, you should be super proud of yourself! Look at how much you were able to do - amazing!! And that book, Two Kisses for Maddy, I found while I was pregnant, read it, and loved it! I follow Matt on Twitter, IG, and FB and he actually loves his fans and will give you a follow back and comment on things you post. Have a great weekend!


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