Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Our Weekend Wrap-Up

First of all, thank you for your sweet notes on yesterday's post. I would bet money on the fact that yesterday had more hours in it than any other day...it just didn't want to end! I was finally welcomed home around 6:30 with a big glass of wine, chocolate and my two loves. Even though the Red Sox lost, my night was 293847283643 times better than my day, thanks mostly to my super-partner, Chad.


This past weekend was such a fun one even though we did nothing special...We did our usual Friday night dinner-date with my Dad. This week - Buffalo Wild Wings for the Red Sox game!! Even though our dinners were less than stellar, the entertainment and the company were wonderful.

Saturday morning, Cameron woke up in rare form and had a tough day from the start. Between teething and gaining/wanting independence, this boy was a handful all day. We've learned that the best thing to do when he's like this is to get out of the house!

So, we met Sarah and Katrin at Deering Oaks Park and took a Farmer's Market stroll then ended up at the playground. Cam loves his aunties and they love him, so to say we all had a good time would be an understatement. We could barely pull these three off the playground!

We stopped by our new house to show these two then headed home for a nap. Cam slept for a little over an hour before waking up in another bad mood. Poor baby...we didn't know what he wanted! A little lunch and some playing later, we headed off for a ride We were invited to the opening of a local greenhouse and they had a BYOB pig roast, some music and a huge field for running. Cameron was in heaven and tried to keep up with the "big" kids as much as possible.

See the little girl with the shaker in her hand/mouth? She had two shakers to start with, but Cameron kept taking her shaker and bringing her back the other one that he just took! He also decided to steal her cookie right out of her hand with his mouth. He walked up to her, bent down and ate her cookie like a dog. Luckily, everyone though it was funny, so I didn't feel like the worst mom in the world. (And I didn't feel so bad for laughing, too.)

watching the big kids from afar...

After the pig roast, we headed back home to try to entertain this little man on our own. We finally ate dinner, had a bath and headed to bed. I did, too. I was asleep by 7:15!! He wore me right out. 

On Sunday morning, Cam woke up at 5:45, so I brought him to our usual spot on the couch to drink his milk and watch the news. Lucky for me, he fell back asleep until 7:15, so, this momma got 12 hours of sleep, and I needed it!!

What a difference an hour makes....Cameron was in THE BEST mood all day, and I didn't want to let him go when Sarah came to pick him up at 2. We had asked her to watch him for a few hours so we could really clean our house for the realtor on Monday. We got a ton done, but it killed me not spend time with Cam. After the day we had on Saturday, we needed some quality time together. He came back around 6, we had some dinner then cuddled before bed. I think he knew I needed that. ;)

Otherwise, there was a lot of Father-Son bonding while watching the Pats and Red Sox.

So, we didn't have the most exciting weekend, but it was pretty fun despite Cameron's whacky mood on Saturday. Is anyone else going through this? Teeth + learning = moody baby. 

I hope you all have a great week!!

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  1. Isn't teething the worst??!! I love M to the moon and back but I will be so happy when she is past this whole teething nonsense. She's cutting all four of her two year molars at the same time and while I'm grateful it will be a "One and done" type of thing, we are about to lose our minds. All of this to say that I can empathize. Hang in there momma!


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