Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Cameron: 15 months

Time for another round of shots (on Friday) and another round of Cameron updates!

Baby boy....how in the world did we get so lucky?? We say (multiple times a day) how incredibly lucky we are to have you. You are f*cking adorable, and we aren't afraid to say it. You're sweet. You're funny (on purpose). You're impatient. You're independent (but so dependent still). You're determined. You are our child 100%.

Teeth: 15 (8 on top, 7 on bottom)
*This last tooth has been a real killer!! Terrible sleep at night and no naps during the day....I can't wait for the last one to come in before the "2 year molars" I've heard so much about!

Clothes: You are almost growing out of 6-12 month bottoms (finally), but 12 -18 month bottoms are so big on your waist! You are a long, lean machine; thank goodness for overalls! You are wearing 12-18 shirts, 18 - 24 month pajamas and size 5 shoes.

rolled up pants to keep 'em on

Saying: Hiiiiii, bye bye, more, yeah, no no, mama, nigh-nigh, and everything else we say (You are mocking us constantly.) You've also started say, "Oh mannnn" thanks to daycare, but we find it very cute!

Signing: Please, more, eat and all done

You love: shoes still, being with us all the time, playing with my make-up (or whatever I'm doing at the time), closing the dryer and dishwasher doors, closing any door and say "bye bye," playing in the garage, dancing, "cheers-ing" with anyone while they are drinking, and having everyone's attention on you!

in his happy spot among shoes


loving all of the attention

You do not love TV at all. You'd rather be running around, which is just fine with us!

Sleep: You are still taking two naps and sleeping from 7:15/7:30 - 6:00/6:15. You don't take any bottle or sippy before bed anymore...it's just straight off to nigh-nigh! You don't sit still long enough for books, but we still try to get a few pages in.

You are trying to run, which keeps getting better and better! You especially love to run when I say "Cameron" in my "mommy" voice...you know you are either someplace you shouldn't be or have something in your hand/mouth that you shouldn't have! You always laugh when I catch you, though, and give it up to me!

Food: You are a picky eater, unfortunately. You love any kind of bread/snacks, bananas, apples and blueberries. You love the puree pouches, but we are going to stop giving them to you. We think you are so used to those that you don't want "real" food, and I think they give you gas! You are a tootin machine sometimes!! You are drinking a ton of milk and prefer it over water, which has to change, too. You always want what we are eating, so we let you try and you usually spit it back out. You are in a terrible stage of knocking everything off your highchair top when you are done. I don't know how to stop that!

Toys: Your taste in toys has completely changed. You are not a sitter, and you would MUCH rather be doing something. You love to be outside and play with lacrosse sticks, rocks, dirt and balls. You LOVE balls. You also LOVE your new IKEA table and chair set.

I've said it 14 times before this, and I will say it again...this is my FAVORITE month so far. I just can't get enough of you! You're listening to directions and you can't get enough of me, which I am secretly loving. ;) You're a charmer and a pleaser, and as soon as someone gives you their attention, they're hooked! When we go out to dinner, the first person to make eye contact with you, give you a wave or shoot you a smile is a keeper for the rest of the night, whether they like it or not! :) 

I love you, bud!! Thank you for being ours!


  1. So cute! He sounds a lot like Mac too. They are just so funny and sweet at this age. I love it! I want to pause time.

  2. I wouldn't stress so much about his eatng... He is just coming into that age where he has realized that he can make choices so sometimes it is not that he dislikes the taste, it's just that he knows he can spit it out and refuse it! Try sticking with one specific food for 3-5 days. Offer it first and then if he doesn't take it, move on. Then try the next day and so on. He sounds a lot like Logan at that age.. Very headstrong which is great but exhausting! Lol

    You are doing great, momma!


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