Monday, September 23, 2013

Weekly Wishes

Last week was my first week participating in Weekly Wishes, and I really enjoyed it! I found some great new blogs and kept myself on track! :)

I had 3 wishes for myself last week: to install Ciirus onto my computer, organize Cameron's clothes and write a love note to Chad. I am happy to report that I did all three! They were all lingering "to do" items, but it was nice to finally cross them off my list.

The Nectar Collective

This week, my wishes (goals) are all related to my upcoming surgery (more on that later, but nothing major); I hate being out of commission!

Work: Create sub plans for my absences next week

I got to hand pick my sub, so I am not worried about anything while I'm gone!

Home: Prepare and freeze some meals for next week (any suggestions?!)


Blog: Schedule some blog posts while I am down and out (I think I will have plenty of time to read, but will probably not be in the mood to write!)

I also have a wish to be more patient...we have a lot going on right now, and although I am a VERY patient person, I've let the little things get the best of me lately. I've found myself being short with Cameron and Chad, the two easiest targets! So, I am going to find myself again and be that patient person I've always been.

My perfect definition of innocence...

What are your weekly wishes this week? I hope you have a good one!!



  1. Preparing meals is probably a life-saver for you after your surgery (as well as you family), and I definitely encourage you to schedule blog posts before hand. You should focus on relaxing and getting better after surgery. I hope your surgery is nothing too serious and I wish you well for your goals this week!

    Pinja / That September Feeling

  2. First and foremost, good luck with your surgery. I'll send some good vibes and prayers your way.

    Secondly, I have a great recipe on my blog under 'Eats' for rice broccoli casserole. I'm not sure if your men like broccoli but if so, it's an amazing meal. It can be frozen or can be in the fridge for days. So yummy!

    Take care Jess! XO

  3. Scheduling posts is a fantastic idea! I used to be so on-it during the summer, but now that school is back in session and am falling short. I plan them the day before, but planning them farther in advance used to give me the leway to enjoy reading other blogs & get more done around the house.

  4. Good luck with your wishes this week, and good luck with the op.
    It's nice to read that your chose who will be covering your lessons for you.

    By chance, mum and I have just cleared out our freezer and found a lot of homecooked microwave meals that my dad had made.
    This included lasagna, pasta and meatballs, Beef stew. Anything that he had leftovers from, he would then freeze.



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