Monday, September 16, 2013

Our Weekend with No Plans

Man, don't you just love jamming your schedule full of plans? I do. Seriously. I love get togethers, parties and events, but sometimes, I just love having no set schedule.

This past weekend was one of them (with the exception of one birthday party), and I enjoyed every second of it.

Friday nights are always our "date nights" with my Dad. We pick up Cam from day care, pick up my Dad from his house and go to a restaurant. Some of our favorites are Famous Daves, Olive Garden and Longhorn. This week, it was Longhorn. It rained poured all week, and we were all in the mood for something warm and hearty. Cameron is getting a little more difficult to take out to eat because he doesn't want to sit still for long. We try our best with lots of food, drinks and some toys, but by the end, he is ready to go. (And I am ready for another cocktail.)

Saturday morning, we were up early to go check out our new "home!" We are so excited to start this project, and we have 3,567,239 ideas running around in our heads. I have been on Pinterest endlessly and we've been playing around on an architect program that Chad has. We can't wait to watch our layout come to life!

Next, we made a pitstop at Target for diapers and a birthday gift for our neighbor, Sam. He turned 3, and we had no idea what to get him...he has so many toys! I wanted to get some books, but he also has hundreds of those between him and his sister. So, we found a fun little "toolbox" made for a 3 year old (or so it says).

Meanwhile, Cameron found the "ba" aisle and wanted to play with every ball he found. Dad didn't object. :) I love my life.

Saturday afternoon, Cameron and I headed to Sam's 3rd birthday party (which was our only planned event this weekend). It was an indoor sports facility, but they had about 6 bounce houses set up!! They had one specifically for kids under 5, and Cam couldn't get enough. I wasn't sure if he would like it or not, but he didn't want to get out! I finally lured him out, red cheeked and all, for some cake and water.

taking it all in...

no fear

Happy Birthday, Sam!!

Saturday night, Cameron, mom and I checked out the new BonTon at the mall...overall, I wasn't too impressed. It just seemed like another Macy's to me: same brands, same prices, same layout. We did get Cam some new pajamas and got a great deal on some towels. (Oh, adulthood...)

On Sunday, we met with a contractor (first of three) to go through the house. It was so exciting to hear his we just have to wait 7-10 days for an estimate. Yikes!

Sunday afternoons are always for Cam and me...Chad works, so we usually hook up with my dad. Considering how nice the weather was, we decided to go apple picking (and LouLou came, too)!

Cameron couldn't get enough of the the time we left, his shirt was covered in apple juice!

taking care of some very important business

How was your weekend? I love that non-scheduled weekends end up filling up so quickly with things you really want to do, don't you?! 

Have a great week!!


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  1. oh! i just love this blog! i'm so glad i found it! can't wait to follow along. :)



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