Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Our life lately

Oh, man...where have I been? Well, it's the beginning of the school year, our entire house came down with the stomach bug and Cameron is just too darn cute to not be with 24/7. 

Here is a mini recap of what we've been up to. (Tune in on Friday, though, for more exciting news - it is not a pregnancy announcement, FYI.)

Sitting in the nurse's office during one of our teacher workshop days...man, these stomach viruses are wicked! Our entire house had it at one point or another. 

It's football season!! We had some of our best friends over on Sunday to watch the Patriots (barely) beat the Bills! There's nothing like yummy food, cold beer and Football on the big screen. :)

This little ham does not shy away from attention! He was loving all of the people at our house on Sunday. We all clapped for him when he put on the sunglesses, and he just ate it up!

We've invested in our first pair of rainboots for our little man...I mean, how much cuter does it get? 

We got to visit our dear friends, Liz and Jay (and Sofia), last weekend. Liz is about to pop, but she still put out an amazing spread for brunch! Cameron and Sofia will be married someday...there's no doubt about that! ;)

That's about all for now...I will be back on Friday with some more exciting news (at least to us) and more fun pictures. 


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