Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Our Dream Kitchen Inspirations

As I mentioned last week, we are hoping to buy a major fixer-upper, which means we get to create and design our entire layout!

As a former chef, Chad is super excited about the kitchen. We've always loved the industrial/rustic look, but we still want it to be cozy and homey.

We love subway tiles (either white or gray, depending on the cabinets).

We love the dark lower cabinets so they don't show wear as quickly (since we will have dirty little fingers all over them!)

We love glass cabinets to keep dishes/glasses clean, but still show them off.

We love open shelving for mixing bowls, serving bowls, etc...

We love stainless steel as much as possible without it looking too sterile.

Here are some of our favorite inspirations.

This was our first inspiration for our kitchen: It's clean, functional but still has a lot of character. You have to check out her entire kitchen!

  • Dark lower cabinets
  • White subway tiles
  • White counters
  • White upper cabinets
  • Glass cabinet doors
  • Open shelving
  • Wood Floors

This kitchen is's the same idea, but with a few changes:

  • White cabinets
  • Gray subway tiles
  • Glass cabinet doors
  • Turquoise fridge (YES!)
  • Open shelving
  • Lines cabinets with decorative paper

The stainless steel wrapped stove is amazing...I think this is a must-do for us!

I love the barstools (except I have to have backs) and the huge island. I also love having the microwave be at knee-level...It's sort of hidden, but still very usable.

Having a movable stainless steel table to use as storage or as extra workspace when cooking sounds perfect!

I think that Chad would love these opens shelves since it looks like a restaurant kitchen. It may be too "sterile" for me...what do you think?

I can't wait to watch our kitchen come to life!! Open, clean and functional are our main objectives, but it obviously has to cute and cozy, too!! 



  1. I love the all white kitchens with a touch of wood and stainless. Classic and pretty.

  2. How exciting! My favorite is the white one with the gray subway pretty!!

  3. New follower.. What a dreamy kitchen selection!! All of them look amazing!


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