Thursday, September 12, 2013

Mommy's Wishlist (It's just a couple of things!)

Being a mom (and a wife) are my duties in life. I don't want to come first anymore - I'm a giver! But, that doesn't mean I don't lust over something every now and then to make my jobs as mom and wife a little easier...

This would be perfect for lugging around all of Cameron's stuff and for everyday use...don't you agree? It becomes a bigger bag to fit more stuff or becomes an "everyday" bag when I am without baby. My birthday and Christmas are coming up....anyone? Bueller? 

It goes from this to this...yes, please!

But, if I wont this one from Megan, I certainly wouldn't complain! ;)

What mom wouldn't want this for Saturday errands, after-work grocery runs or just hanging around the house? I am always on the lookout for cute, yet comfy outfits and this hits the nail on the head!

I already have a great pair of Sperry rain boots, so I can't justify buying a pair of Hunter boots. BUT, I don't have anything like these, so they are definitely on my wish list!

iPhone case with card holder
If you know where to find one, please let me know!! This is definitely a must have for me!

That's all for now....really, I'm a simple person. ;)

Happy Friday-Eve!


1 comment:

  1. Oh man, I love that J.Crew bag, iphone case and the cardigan (it looks SO soft!). Great picks!


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