Wednesday, September 25, 2013

DIY Projects for our new home

I have been hoarding pins for when I am actually motivated to do some DIY projects...well, with our new house (and new mortgage), I think that time has come!! We are not so much "shabby chic" people as we are simple, Restoration Hardware people.

Here are some fun projects I want to tackle!

PAINTED LETTERS: I could do these in different colors in different, bathroom, laundry, play room. The ideas are endless! ;)


BUFFET: I could totally see a nice little dry bar on top of this with extra dishes, table clothes, napkins, etc, in the drawers!


TRASH CAN: We all need one, right? Why not make it cute? We use a lot of sand in the winter up here in Maine, so we could use it for that, too!


HEADBOARD: I have been in love with this project since I first saw it, and knowing that Sara actually did it herself makes me think I can, too.


BENCH: This would be perfect for our little entryway/ can even store hats, mittens, etc, in the drawers!


Happy Monday!!


1 comment:

  1. All great projects! Especially love the headboard! I've been thinking about doing the same for our master.


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