Monday, August 5, 2013

Our Weekend Recap

Living in Maine brings lots of lobster, walks on the beach and sweatshirts at night. This summer has been no different, but with a few less walks on the beach and many more sweatshirt nights...the temperature has ranged from 60's to 90's (just a few days), but that hasn't stopped us from enjoying it to the fullest. 

This past weekend, Elizabeth and Mac were in town for Mr Glaser's 70th birthday celebration!! Eliz is due in November, but they are currently living in Vegas. I cannot wait for them to move back to Maine with little Brooklyn!! 

Friday night, we met Eliz, Mac and Maria at Portland Lobster Company for a nice cold Allagash then headed to her parent's condo for some hors d'oeuvres and wine. Cam was a ham, as always, and behaved so well! 

Cam's new favorite game is to "share" but not really...he took every single blueberry back from Mac!

On Saturday morning, I took Cam to Target to let Chad have some time to get stuff done around the house. We went for shampoo and came back with $70 worth of stuff...It never fails. 

Some of our fun finds included shampoo rinser, more sippy cups and a new bath toy!

Chad and I did another catering event on Saturday, so Loulou took Cameron and they had a blast at the beach! (And someone didn't go to bed until after 8!)

Sundays always start with a family breakfast, but turn into Mommy-Cameron play dates while Daddy works. We met Lynn and Jameson at the playground then started a mini bar crawl through the Old Port...with baby in town

Just kidding, kind of. :) We did have our own version of Sunday Funday and met some friends at different bars. Luckily, Cam wasn't the only baby in the bars!!

He made a new friend at Gritty's and we got a play date out of it! We are heading to the beach with "Penny" this Friday!

After leaving the Old Port, I decided to head to Freeport to check out the outlets. Sometimes I can get some great deals, but no such luck yesterday. I picked up some sushi for dinner, headed home and relaxed with Chad for the rest of the night.

I would say it was a successful weekend full of friends, work, good food and sunshine!

I hope you all have a great week!



  1. You have such a sweet family! Love the Target run, happens everytime ;)

    Instagram@ megawat

  2. Looks like a fun weekend. Drinking in a bar w/ your baby. . . too funny! Haha!


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