Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Our first major scare as parents

Let me begin this post by saying that everyone is healthy, happy and just fine - and we pray this is always the case!

When I was pregnant, I opted to have genetic testing done. Not to terminate the pregnancy if anything came up positive, but to be prepared. I am a special education teacher, and I have a lot of wonderful resources right at my fingertips, and bringing a child with special needs into this world without any preparation is not on my list of things to do.

Anyways, when the genetic tests came back and the nurse called us, we were not expecting what came over the phone lines: I tested positive as a carrier for Cystic Fibrosis. We immediately googled it and educated ourselves briefly on CF. We were given the option to have Chad tested, too, but his insurance didn't cover it, and we knew there would be more ways of learning whether or not Cameron would be born with it. At this point, the odds were 1:100 that Cameron would have it; if Chad was a carrier, the odds jumped to 1:4.

As my pregnancy went on, the doctors checked every ultrasound to see if there were any signs of CF in Cameron. There were none. We thanked the Lord and went on with my pregnancy, but always had it in the back of our minds that it could develop later on in his life.

When Cameron was born, they did the usual tests, and his came back negative. Again, we thanked the Lord and started our life together as a family of 3 (plus 2).

Cameron has always had digestive issues, but never anything that seemed permanent to us. However, when spring rolled around, he had a persistent cough that would. not. go. away. The doctor diagnosed it as allergies and prescribed some allergy medicine. This really did nothing except help him sleep a little better.

After more than a month went by, we called his doctor again. By this point, he was already a year old. We went in and the doctor had blood drawn for an allergy test. Everything came back negative. The next step was a chest x-ray.

First of all, this was so traumatic for me because they put Cam in a plastic thing that held his hands up over his head and he had to sit on a bicycle seat. He kept looking at me, while screaming his head off and tears running down his face, like "why aren't you helping me, mommy?" Ahhh...I'll never forget that! Anyways, when we went back to the doctor's room, he had the results and his face was almost white. He said the x-ray showed either bronchitis or early stages of Cystic Fibrosis.

Our hearts dropped and I think we were both holding back tears. As we were talking, Cameron was playing with books, toys and food without a care in the world. How in the world could our sweet, active baby possibly have this disease? It made no sense. The only way to get a definite answer was to do something called a "Sweat Test." Basically, they put a mechanism on Cameron's arm to make him sweat, collected said sweat and tested it.

We didn't find out for 24 hours, and to say we were stressed/anxious is an understatement. End result: NEGATIVE. Getting that phone call kicked off a great weekend of celebrating our health and family.

I do have to say that all I could think about during this entire process was those family who do have children with special needs. You are angels. It is life changing and you become #2 for the entire life of the child. There are no date nights. No vacations. And that's ok because it's your child, and you are just happy that they are with you.

Sorry for the long post, but this was a major deal to us. I never want to forget how grateful I am for health, above all else, and to never take anything, or any day, for granted!! I am so lucky to have these two hearts all to myself!


  1. Thank GOD he is okay!!! How scary! Glad your little man is a-okay...

  2. Goodness I am sure that was so scary! It's never easy to see your baby in pain, no matter what it is. So glad to hear everything came back fine!

  3. Oh my GOODNESS Jess, how scary! So happy to hear everything came back negative, thank God. What a blessing it is to have healthy children. XO

  4. Yikes Jess!!! I'm SO glad Cam is ok. Hug him a little tighter and longer tonight. XO

  5. Oh my gosh. I was holding my breath reading this... so glad he is okay. The image you described of him crying and looking at you during the chest xray made my heart hurt for you, mama. So sorry that y'all had to endure that scare, and so, so, so grateful that your little boy is healthy. Extra hugs to you.


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