Wednesday, August 7, 2013

NOT dressing as Teacher Mom

Being a high school teacher means that I have to compete with 16 year old skinny fashionista girls on a daily basis. Not really, but I do try to not dress the part of "Teacher Mom." I don't always succeed, but here some pieces I am loving for this fall.

Non-Teacher Mom

I always try to add an accessory or two...scarves are a staple and a pair of studs usually makes an appearance.

Dr. Scholl's has come out with some really cute and comfy flats...I will choose those over my Tory Burch's anyday!!!

Since I am up and down all day, walkin down halls, doing lunch duty, etc...I have to have some flexible outfits, so I always have some layers to get me through the day.

Adding some print to my outfits has been huge. If you opened my closet two years ago, you would have seen a lot of black, gray, navy blue, etc...NO PRINTS! Now, I try to have something in each outfit. 

Most of my shopping trips include GAP, Banana, JCrew and Target. I've learned that you do get what you pay for!! What are your favorite places to shop for work?


  1. Oh my gosh where is that dress from, I love it!!!

    I feel the same way about dressing because I work at a University and I hate that these girls look older/more mature than I do sometimes!

  2. I loooove Dr. Scholls flats. They are really cute but legit comfy! My go to places are Target & LOFT. If you follow LOFT on facebook, they often post "pop up sales" (this weekend entire store was 40%) plus they have a teacher discount to boot!


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