Thursday, August 22, 2013

Friends without Babies

First of all, thank you for the sweet comments and emails about yesterday's post. I felt kind of silly writing it since there is nothing wrong with Cameron and there are so many moms out there who do/did have a health concern, but I wanted to document it and remember it. I always want to remember to be thankful for our health and never take it for granted!


I know I have talked to my friends with babies about how hard it is to keep up with your "single" friends because, let's face it, you don't control your life or your schedule once you have a baby!!

However, we have some amazing friends that make it a point to keep up with us! I have been friends with Sarah since middle school, and we've been through pretty much everything together. She just bought a house with her partner and have invited us over (Cameron, too) so many times, and we just haven't been able to make it work. Well, last night, we picked up Cam from day care and headed over, baby-in-tow.

When we got there, there was a sprinkler set up, cut up strawberries and lawn toys...all for Cameron! They did an amazing job of letting us relax while they played with Cameron (which I know they secretly loved)...everything was so thoughtful.

My mom came and picked up Cam to put him to bed so we could stay longer and really enjoy our time together with our friends.

Tickle session with our array of beverages ;)

Auntie Sarah stealing kisses

First course...delish!

Same-day-Lobster from Casco Bay

So, I am taking my foot out of my mouth and taking back my comment that it's hard to keep friends after you have a baby....I will just change it to say that you keep your real friends after you have a baby!!!


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