Friday, August 16, 2013

5 on Friday: Another Weekly Wrap-Up

1) Cam got Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease over the weekend, so we spent a lot of time with socks, favorite toys and Seinfeld!

2) Chad is an amazing chef (in case I haven't mentioned that enough times), and he "whipped up" some chicken and beef satays. They were amazing to say the least. We cooked enough for 4, but somehow there were no leftovers!

3) We are lucky to live in one of the best locations for summertime fun and we have been trying to take advantage of everything we can! We went to an outdoor concert on Monday night that was so fun (especially with our "coffee" in tow!!) even though we were one of the youngest ones there!

4) We have had the pleasure of dealing with sewage leakage on our front lawn this week...Luckily, it's getting fixed today. (I'm sure our neighbors down the street will be happy when the stinky puddle is gone from their house!)

5) It's Friday, and it's supposed to be 80 degrees for the next 10 days! I will take it...




  1. oh no, poor Cam :( we have been dealing with a 103 fever for the past 2 days... :( these poor babies. hope came is feeling better. Enjoy your beautiful weekend!!!! It is going to be raining all weekend here in charleston... Boo! ;)

  2. Poor Cam, hope he feels better!

    How fun to have fun things to do outdoors in the summer. One thing I don't like about living so far away from a city, our options are limited :(

  3. Poor baby! I hope he's feeling better soon. My friend's kids had that this summer too. Not fun. Sending healing thoughts your way!

  4. Cam looks soooo grown up! Hope he is feeling better now!


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