Friday, July 19, 2013

Cameron: 12 Months - A YEAR!

I don't even know where to begin except to say holy smokes, this year has flown by!!

Teeth: 8
Weight: 20 lbs 8 oz
Height: 30"

Health: You have been such a healthy boy with the exception of a persistant cough. Dr Vogt has put you on allergy meds before bed (just Zyrtec) with the hopes of allowing us all some more sleep. It's been working well most nights, but it's just not going away!

Social: We took a trip to Seabrook Island, SC mid-June, and you were the perfect traveller, of course. We had lots of delays, and some tears, but overall, you were a saint. You loved the ocean and the pool. We went on some bike rides and sometimes you liked it and sometimes you didn't. You didn't sleep well in the crib we rented, so naps were in the car or the stroller, and I had to rock you to sleep at night.

Toys: You still love anything that makes noise and sings to you. You've started to dance when your toys play music and have learned how to make your toys make noise! You love your wooden blocks, your walker, balls and your water table.

Sleep: You still go in stretches of waking up between 4:30 - 6:00, but we have been good about letting you cry to sleep longer! You are napping twice a day: once around 9/9:30 and again around 1/1:30.

Food: We are still experimenting with you, and you still like your basics: carbs, yogurt, applesauce, oranges and crackers. You have also taken to baby chicken sticks, but I want to try to make our own chicken dinners for you. We have stopped the bottle except first thing in the morning and at bed time. You are still taking formula in the sippy cup, but we are trying to switch to milk! So many changes!

Personality: You are changing by the second. You are a cuddler now, and I couldn't be happier!! You love to give kisses, and you kiss all of your stuffed animals as well as anyone who puckers up to you! You also give amazing hugs and have become sort of attached to me, which is fine by me, except you cry now when I leave you at day about heart wrenching (even though I know you're totally fine 2 seconds after I leave)! You can blow kisses, you shake your head and say "yeah" to every questions we ask, which is adorable, and you are a complete ham with strangers. As soon as someone makes eye contact with you, or God forbid smiles at you, you are their new best friend! You are like a celebrity by the time we leave restaurants!!

blowing kisses

You are still not walking, but have taken about 8 steps on your furniture surf like crazy, but still prefer to crawl long distances. ;)

You, my love, are amazing. Every little thing you do grabs my attention and puts an immediate smile on my face. Even a little, tiny movement can make my day because you are, slowly, becoming a little boy. Your mannerisms aren't those of a baby anymore. AMAZED is literally the best way to describe how I feel every second of every day.

You are a happy baby and you have added nothing but happiness and laughter to our lives over the past year. I cannot imagine my life with you, Cameron. I love you to the moon and back!!


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  1. Don't you just love the cuddles!! Kaden is getting that way too!


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