Friday, July 26, 2013

5 on Friday: My weekly wrap up

I can't believe it's Friday again! I am so glad, but this week just flew by! I worked all week in Mom's office and Cameron was kind of a grouch...I think the combination of starting to walk and teeth caused our poor boy to have some pains!! Thankfully, he's back to his usual self and got a new Baby Einstein video, so he's happy. :)

1) Facebook: I won't complain about a free service that let's me keep in touch with friends, brag about Cameron and promote my Arbonne business, but really? Those ads just kill me...I'm glad I got to give my two cents. :)

2) Chad and I went and put a lock on the "Fence of Love" in's oh-so-cheesy, but we've been wanting to do it for awhile!

3) We just had to make a major repair to our poor Lani, the Land Rover. Ole girl is not cheap! Thank goodness for 2nd (and 3rd jobs)!

4) We are doing some more catering this weekend, and our friends, Sarah and Katrin are going to watch Cameron! This is the first time someone other than my Mom has watched him! They are so great with him and he LOVES them! 

Sarah's birthday brunch in February...he loved her way back then! ;)

5) I went to Target the other day (shocking, I know), and came across their Feed was picked over, so I didn't get anything. I was so sad!! I wanted a new tumbler, bag or something. I love the concept, the design, everything! I'll have to do a little online shopping!

Happy Weekend, everyone! It's supposed to be beautiful, so hopefully we can spend a few hours at the beach!! What are your plans?!



  1. Happy Friday! I feel the same way about FB adds....grr!! Also, love that line at Target too, but like you, I realized it too late!

  2. Target does it again! I seriously want everything in that store. And I didn't know you sold Arbonne!!! Can you send me your link? I'm in need of some new makeup and foundation asap!

  3. I love the locks! A while back, I was watching a KUWTK episode and Kourtney and Scott did this in London and I thought it was so cool. Not cheesy at all! Put that love on "lock" down! Haha. :-p

  4. I love the lock idea! I've wanted to do that too. If we ever go to Paris or somewhere that does it! :)


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