Thursday, July 18, 2013

4th of July Weekend: Lobsters, Baby Shower and a Getaway

4th of July weekend was a little crazy for us, but oh-so-fun!!

On Thursday, the 4th, Chad had to work, so Cameron and I headed to the lake with the Glasers. Elizabeth and Mac were home, and it was so good to see her baby bump!!!

Hello, baby bump!! 

On Thursday night, we headed to the Eastern Prom, which is a section of Portland. They always block off the neighborhood to cars, so it's a great family event where we can BBQ, drink, play games and walk around. I was obviously having too much fun to get any pictures except this one!!

 On Saturday morning, we go to shower Elizabeth and Brooklyn with lots of pink!! It was such a beautiful brunch at the Black Point Inn.

Saturday afternoon, Chad and I hopped a ferry to Chebeague Island and left the little man behind with my mom. I won a free night at their Inn (I don't want to type their name because it was not a good experience!) and we were looking forward to doing nothing. We did nothing, that's for sure!! We found a seat with a view and a breeze and didn't move for about 4 cocktails! :) We loved the view and the company was unbeatable! ;) We did miss Cam, but we also enjoyed our time together.

Before Elizabeth and Mac headed back to Vegas, we snuck in a dinner at Street & Co, which was delicious, as always!!

I think the 4th of July is my favorite's always full of friends, family, food, drinks and sunshine (hopefully)! This year was so much fun since Cameron was able to enjoy it - I can't wait for the rest of our holidays this year!!


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