Friday, June 7, 2013

Friday 5

What a it is in pictures because I'm not sure there's anything left up where my brain used to be located!

1. This was totally necessary last night...I waited until bathtime to crack a beer, but I could have used one around, oh, 11 am!

2. We have been struggling with Cameron's eating. He tries everything but spits most of it back out. Sometimes, he likes the flavor, so he chews and chews then spits out the food instead of swallowing it! His favorites right now are mandarin oranges, corn, yogurt, applesauce and any baby snacks. That's it. 

3. Someone has grown attached to only sleeping while being held. I love this more than anything, but it's going to be a b*tch to break this habit!!

4. I have succumbed to letting Cam play with anything in order to keep him entertained for a few minutes. 

5. Little Cam waiting to see his doctor...let's hope his fever has broken for good!!

Wow, I just realized that all five pictures are of Cam. That has been our life, though, so I hope you enjoy them!! :) Next week, I promise to include something besides our adorable son. ;)

Happy Friday!!



  1. My little one is almost 2 and I still resort to letting her play with stuff like that to get a tiny break. However it usually ends in a huge mess.

    I'm a new follower :) I would love for you to come visit me at

  2. I can totally relate to almost every single one of these. My son and I have both been sick all week. I have also succumb to letting my son play with just about anything to keep him happy for a few minutes. :-) I hope you have a great weekend.

  3. I've been the world's worst at making it every post linked-up for Five on Fridays. I WILL DROP BY AND SAY HELLO on everyone's tomorrow... that's my goal at least!

    All that to say, I'm way late here.... but....

    Ummm, he is the cutest thing! I remember this age and these days so well! And you do - you just reach a point where it's like "oh, sure... play with WHATEVER will keep you happy for more than .05 seconds!".

    So glad you linked up and hope you'll join us again tomorrow! :)


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