Monday, June 10, 2013

30 While 30 Update

I know that a lot of people have made 30 Before 30 lists, and I did, too, but getting pregnant just shy of turning 29 really made a lot of the things on my list impossible. Literally. Like sky diving. Or a trip to Napa Valley.

So, I created a 30 While 30 list and have just updated it since today is halfway to my 31st birthday (wowza)!

Things that I have accomplished:

1. Get a stamp on my passport - We went to Holland last month to visit Peyton and Mica.

6. Plan a fantastic 1st birthday for Cameron - June 29th is the date to celebrate!

7. Find a church to attend - We had been going to East Point Christian Church but have been slacking due to travelling and illnesses. Hopefully we will be back this week!

9. Get a permanent job - It's in the books! I am a contracted, permanent teacher in the same position I currently hold. I could not be happier and thank God everyday that I have been given this opportunity.

10. Save $2,000 cash - We saved it and spent some of it in Europe, but we are starting to put more aside! I hopeful we will bypass this amount by my birthday!

11. Have a date night at least once a month - This is so important to us! What will we do this month? Hmmm...

14. Have dinner with Dad at least every 2 weeks - We have dinner with Dad every Friday night! This is one of my favorite traditions, and I know he loves our time together, too.

16. Drive up Route 1 - We drove up to Rockport in January for Mom's birthday...maybe we will get a little further later this year!

18. Start my Arbonne business - This is going great!! I am getting more and more comfortable introducing Arbonne to people and have gotten some great customers out of it!

19. Get Cameron involved in activities outside of day care - We did a 7 week swim lesson, and he absolutely loved it. We will be going back in the fall! I think we will also add on a little tumbling class, too.

21. Find our own house - we hear today or tomorrow if we are approved to start building! Please keep your fingers crossed!

22. Do a 30 day detox - I did this in February and had amazing results. I am going to do it again very soon!

23. Do 100 push ups and 5 minute plank - I have started the 100 push up challenge

So, 13/30 things isn't bad! I am still hopeful that I can achieve all of them by my 31st birthday (December 10)!

Do you have a "list" anywhere? How are you doing on it?



  1. Awesome post! I am coming up on thirty also! I love your list! I have got to do this too.
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  2. Great list! I'm hoping to travel a bit more this year and save more too. Not sure if those two are compatible though. :) I may have to gt some Arbonne from you - I love their stuff!

  3. i like the 30 while 30 idea! I am 29 and thought about the 30 before 30 half way into the year lol. Maybe i'll adopt this too =)


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