Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mid-Week Randoms

The Bruins won game 7 on Monday night to advance to advance in the about stressful!

We have just 4 weeks left of schools and one week of finals until we are on summer vacation!! Well, I will be working all summer, but not at school. A change of pace is always welcome.

I officially have a job next year (and the year after and the year after). I took my current job on a one-year contract due to maternity leaves, but two of the teachers have decided to job-share, so my job is open next year. Thank the good Lord!

Cameron has been sent home from daycare twice in the last week due to "getting sick." However, he hasn't been sick at home, hasn't had a fever and his personality hasn't changed much. He is tired/crank more often, but who wouldn't be if your body was continuously growing and you were always teething?! I may ask day care what their definition of "getting sick" is.

We are in full party-planning-mode for Cam's 1st birthday! More details to come...

Arbonne came out with their Summer 2013 line, and there's a pretty cool article here about it.

It's almost June. It's 45 degrees outside. I am ready for warmer weather! I went for a walk with Cam yesterday and had to cut it short because it was too cold. Really?!

My best friend, Elizabeth, is pregnant!!! She is due at the end of October and will be home in July for a baby shower!

Happy Wednesday!!



  1. yay for your job opening up, sorry the weather has still been cold! 45 is pretty freezing in my book. I hear you on the whole teething fun it is just no fun! Can't wait to see more of the party plans!

  2. Congratulation on the job! That's wonderful! And I totally hear you on the cold front - NJ isn't much better! Happy Wednesday!

  3. Just found your blog. I love the 30 things to do while 30 list! Cameron is adorable.


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