Wednesday, May 8, 2013

May Blogging - Blog Lover and Advice time

Day 5: Favorite blogger (s)
Oh gosh, I have lots of go-to bloggers who I think are super cool. I think they're cool because they're real. I am not too fond of super "sponsored" bloggers who are constantly promoting products that they get for free, but I do love moms who review products that they really use! These reviews are especially helpful as a new mom because you can google all you want, but actually "knowing" the person who is doing the review makes it a lot more legit! I also love these bloggers because they are cute - I kinda wanna be like them. I like their style, their house, their activities...I wish I lived closer to at least one of them so we could have a little playdate! (Since switching to Bloglovin, I have really limited my list of blogs that I read, so you can check out my full list there!)

Natasha and Natasha

Day 8: Advice
My biggest piece of advice for anyone is to not get into credit card debt. Mine has been haunting me for over 10 years now, and I am about fed up with's almost over, but it has taken so much time, money and stress. It is sooo not worth it. If I could go back in time, I would have never charged that dinner, that sofa, that purse, that night out, that plane ticket...well, maybe that plane ticket!! :) Seriously, though...this will be one of the biggest lessons I teach our children (although my dad tried to teach me, and I didn't were right, Dad).
Okay, I have to add another piece of advice...this one may be more important. Never, ever, ever settle...I got married too young to the wrong guy and learned my lesson the hard way. I thought that was what I was supposed to do...he was nice, successful, came from a good family...but we had nothing in common. And we both knew that before the wedding. However, we went on with things thinking that maybe it would get better, and you know how that goes!! It didn't. Not at all. Instead, we got a divorce 6 months later and went our separate ways. That was the best decision I ever, I am happy and with the person I was meant to be with all along!

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