Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Cameron: 10 Months

This post is sooo late, but I was trying to get some good pictures to include in here...alas, I am going to post it before it's almost his 11 month birthday!!

Teeth: 8 (4 on top, 4 on bottom)

Health: You are a healthy little monster!! You did get your first diaper rash right before we left on our trip, but some good ole Arbonne Diaper Rash Cream did the trick, and it didn't bother you anymore!

Social: We went to NH for brunch with the Curcios again and you did so well with all of the people and babies! (Last time, you got hives from pineapple and got a bloody nose from falling...this was a much better trip.)

We had a baby playdate with all of my teacher friends and their babies.

You, Finn, Jameson and Dusty

You also took your first plane ride and met your half-sisters in HOLLAND! (That's a whole other post...er, posts.)

Checking out the planes in Dublin

Toys: Not much has changed in this department...you are into so much that your toys barely get touched! If it's a remote, shoes, cords or tupperware, you are all about it!

Sleep: We are blessed, baby! You are still waking up quite early (like 4:00 or 5:00) then going back to sleep in my arms (bad habit), but you go down around 7:30 and sleep through the night. You are back to 3 naps (You'll take a 3rd one at home if you didn't have a decent one at day care.) and are getting quite attached to your blanket (which we think is adorable).

Food: You love chocolate (munchkins, syrup, candy bars). And everything else we give you. You are not a picky eater! I am ready to give you some more, but we eat a lot of spicy/salty stuff, which is a no go for now! Oh, we did try some yogurt, and you loooved it.

Out to lunch at The Good Table

Personality: You adore your Mommy and Daddy ("Muh Muh" and "Duh Duh"). You always smile and/or laugh when we kiss...it's so sweet!! We often times kiss just to get a reaction out of you. (And, we love any excuse to kiss!) When I bring you home from day care, Daddy is usually sitting at his desk working, but when he's not, you look at his desk, look around, then look at me wondering where he is!

You have a few different cries/screams for different situations:

You've started screeching when you don't want to be in your high chair anymore.

You throw a temper tantrum when we tell you "no" (like not to pull yourself up on the China hutch).

You have a frustrated cry when you get stuck in your "cruiser" (like on the edge of a carpet or between two pieces of furniture).

You've started playing peek-a-boo with us...when you are on your changing table just after a bath, you will pull the towel over your head until we say, "Where's Cameron?" Then you pull it down with the biggest grin on your face! You're so proud of yourself!! You also do it in the car seat with your blanket...I catch you in the rearview mirror and just melt.

This is really no surprise to us, but you are a charmer when people talk to you. You tilt your head to the side and give the sweetest smile. When we go to restaurants, you just watch everyone around you, but as soon as someone starts talking to you, you give them your sweet eyes and smile...everyone love sit.

Bath: You still love baths, but since we've moved you to the big bath tub, all you want to do is stand, which leads to falling, which leads to shorter baths. :( I've started taking showers with you some mornings when we can't fit a bath in before bed...I honestly love it because I never got the skin-to-skin bonding with you that mothers who breastfeed do. And, watching you play with the streams of water from the shower head is priceless...you don't understand why it goes away when you go to reach for it!

Milestones: You are on the verge of walking! You have taken a few steps (sort of on the way to falling), but you understand the concept of putting one foot in front of the other in order to get somewhere. You are walking like a pro when holding onto our hands. You keep getting teeth, and you actually handle them like a pro! We do give you some Tylenol before bed some nights, but you usually don't need it!

I know I say this every month, but you are the BEST. This month has been amazing, and I cannot get enough of you. You rarely sit still when I hold you, so when you do, I just soak up those moments. I love you, bud. Thank you for the being the best part of our days. 

Momma and Dadda


  1. So cute! I can't wait to hear all about your trip. And Mac's throwing tantrums too! SO MUCH DRAMA! :) We are so in for it when they're toddlers!

  2. Wow!! So much going on with him!! Kaden's working...slowly...on his 3rd &4th bottom teeth. Walking...crazy that they are figuring that out already!!

  3. Just growing up way too fast! Happy 10 months Cameron!


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