Friday, April 19, 2013

My 30-Day Detox Review

You may know that I did a 30-day detox for the month of February and had a LOT of success with it. I lost 7 pounds and gained an immense amount of energy. I have had so many friends on Facebook and Twitter ask about it, so here's a brief overview of it:
First of all, the detox that I did was not a CLEANSE, but an elimination diet with Arbonne products as supplements. There's a whole package that you can see here.

It includes 2 bags of protein powder, 2 boxes of fizz sticks, 2 bags of fit chews, 2 boxes of detox tea, and 1 fiber boost. You can buy the whole package, or just pick and choose which products are necessary for you. (When you become a preferred client for $20, you get 20% off all orders for a year, plus $350 worth of products for $200 on your first order. You can get a LOT of detox products with this deal!)
The major purpose of the detox is to STOP eating gluten, dairy, soy and sugar and balance your pH level...a lot of foods that we eat are very acidic, so our products are alkaline in order to balance your body's pH levels, they are gluten and dairy-free (and vegan) and replace 2 meals a day (breakfast and lunch). After at least 2 weeks, you can start by adding in some gluten or dairy (only one) and see how your body reacts. If you start feeling sluggish again, stop eating products with that ingredient. When I started eating gluten again, I was fine. But when I started eating dairy again, I felt awful!!! So, I have been sticking to almond milk and very little cheese.
So, here's a typical day:
Morning:  Detox tea (caffeine-free) and fizz stick (natural caffeine with the acid and jittery-ness) or coffee (it's very acidic, but if you can't give it up, it's ok! I didn't!)
Breakfast: Shake with a fiber boost (it keeps you full longer)
Snack: 2-3 fit chews or a fizz stick or detox tea
Lunch: shake and raw food (salad, veggies/hummus, etc)
Afternoon: fizz stick or fit chews (I sometimes threw in a gluten-free snack like fruit or veggies/hummus) or detox tea
Dinner: gluten-free, dairy-free dinner (this is the hardest part!)
Night: detox tea
The detox tea is super important - you should have 2-3 teas a day...
Within this jumbled info is a lot more info if you're interested. I have shake recipes, dinner recipes, different daily "schedules," etc...

If you want more information, just send me an email to jess.norden {at} gmail {dot} com. 

I would be happy to send you as much information as I can or even samples to try! (Our protein powder tastes good not chalky and gross like a lot of other ones I've tried.) 

P.S. Like my Facebook page for a chance to win $50 towards your order!


  1. This sounds pretty neat to try? I may need to look into it. How much is everything for a 30 day detox?

  2. Hi, I'm not sure about some of the info you present here but generally good stuff. For anybody who wants more info about a healthy 7 day cleanse, then check out this post at There is loads of information in the ebook including menu plans and shopping lists, plus phone and email support to make sure you finish the cleanse and hit your targets. Highly recommended!


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