Saturday, April 6, 2013

Cameron's 1st Easter

Easter kind of snuck up on us this year...we were totally unprepared with no basket and no plans! However, I found this adorable football one that I thought he could use at Halloween too. ;)

We filled it with his Easter outfit and some fun toys...

His favorite toy...a $1 ball from Walmart!

 Our day didn't go quite as planned since it started off with a bloody nose in the morning, continued with a full-length mirror coming thisclose to falling on him and ending with him smacking the back of his head off the floor...the poor baby was a magnet for injuries that day!

Around 4, we finally got him dressed in his adorable outfit (that we don't have a picture of) and headed off to dinner with my Dad. 

It wasn't the "picture perfect" Easter, but it was perfect to us! We got to spend the day together, eat good food and go to bed happy. 


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