Friday, April 5, 2013

Cameron: 9 Months

This has been the best month, baby! You are crawling, pulling up, talking (in your own way), eating, drinking and playing like a little much as I love it, I wish time would slow down!

Weight: 18 lbs 7.5 oz
Height: 29.5 inches
Teeth: 4 (2 top, 2 bottom)

Health: You had your first allergic reaction - to pineapple! We went to visit Auntie Liz and Sofia, and I gave you a piece of my pineapple (like I do with everything I eat), and 20 minutes later, you had hives all over your face! Poor Daddy drove like a Nascar driver to the nearest Hannaford and got some Baby Benedryl which cleared you up in just a few minutes. It was a little scary, but the hives never moved to your mouth or neck, so the doctor said not to worry.

You have also gotten so many bumps and bruises because you are on the move all the time! You don't stop from the time you wake up until you go to bed...crawling, walking along the sofa, cruising in your car, jumping, playing. You are an active boy, that's for sure!

We went to the doctor yesterday for your 9 month check-up, and you got one shot and had to have blood drawn! You did not like being restrained for that part!! Otherwise, Dr. Vogt says you are a perfectly healthy little boy!!

Social: March was a very social month for you! We went to NH to visit Auntie Liz and Sofia for brunch, we had friends over for dinner and have been out and about as much as possible. You still have "stranger danger" but you don't get scared immediately...if you warm up to a person, you will play with them (while still in my arms), but you won't go to anyone you don't know. We are currently working on getting you to stay in the nursery at church, so we will see how that goes. Otherwise, you will be staying home with LouLou on Sunday mornings!

Toys: We haven't gotten you many news toys because you just love to climb on things and eat shoes - yes, you love shoes. Especially shiny ones. You still put everything in your mouth (even dust bunnies off the floor) and love to jump and clap!

Sleep: This has been a great month for sleep (knock on wood). You go down between 7:30/8 and wake up a little earlier than we would like (5:45), but that's ok...we are lucky that you are sleeping through the night! I think you have officially dropped your third nap, so you are taking 2 naps at daycare anywhere between 30-90 minutes (usually closer to 40).

Food: Other than the pineapple incident, you have been doing great with food! You will try most thing we give you. You love chocolate! You are definitely more into sweeter foods like fruit and yogurt, but you still eat most of the dinner we feed you. You have started eating mac and cheese and ham/cheese sandwiches at day care, which is great! Waffles, yogurt bites, cheese puff and flavored corn puffs are a daily snack at home.

Personality: You are hilarious. It's like you know that you are playing with follow us around with your eyes (and with your feet when you can) and you love to play crack up every time! You hate getting dressed or having your diaper changed, so you turn around to get on your's now a two-man job! You also hate getting into the care seat, but once you are in, you are fine. You are curious about everything, you love tv, and you can entertain yourself for quite a while. We don't leave you alone for even a second because, when we do, you find yourself somewhere you shouldn't be! :) You are sooo cuddly in the morning...I absolutely love it.

Bath: You are officially too big for the baby whale bath tub, so you are taking baths in the big tub!! You love to play around, but you also love to stand, which scares the crap out of me!! Bath time has turned from a relaxing time to a play time.

Milestones: You pulled yourself up on your own for the first time on Saturday, March 2nd, and haven't stop! You clap when we say "Yay" and wave hello and goodbye to everyone (even invisible people). Oh, you are saying Momma!!!!! You say it so much and especially when you want something (gee, I wonder why). When you wake up in the morning, you stand in your crib and say Momma over and over again until I get you. It's adorable. ;)

Schedule: You are waking around 5:45, so I grab you and go cuddle on the couch until around 6 when you finally want your bottle. We watch Looney Tunes while you eat then you just want to cuddle some more. Around 6:15, I finally have to get up to get ready for work and I hate it!! I cherish those times together and I hate to end them early.

I drop you off at day care around 7:15 and pick you up a little after 3:30. We usually go home and have a snack (both of us) while we watch cartoons. Then, we let you loose to play in the living room until dinner time when you go back in your high chair and have dinner with us! After a little more playing, it's bath time then a final bottle and down for the night between 7:30 and 8:00. Now that it's getting nicer outside (and the sun is out much later), we will do some long walks between snack and dinner! You looooove going for a walk.

Feeding yourself

No more baby tub

Pulling up on everything

Your first gash from falling off a chair

No photo shoot this month...maybe we can do that this weekend. ;)



  1. I could have written the same post for Kaden! It's fun to see they are going through the same things. I actually have a "bumps and bruises" post read to publish next week. Boys....boys!

  2. Happy 9 months sweet boy!! I can't believe how fast our little ones are growing!! NINE MONTHS!! And poor 'boo boo' :(


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